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Space Mountain - The Building

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The Building, some textual descriptions (selected excerpts from the Reports-section)

Space Mountain taped while riding the EuroDisneyland Railroad
filmed and provided by Mark Jochems
mj_120496edlrr.mpg [1m08s MPEG1 1079kB]

Space Mountain taped while riding the EuroDisneyland Railroad
filmed and provided by Mark Jochems
mj_191298night.mpg [0m23s MPEG1 369kB]


360 Panorama
Enjoy two 360 panoramas of Discoveryland with Flying Eye

Empty Nautilus Lagoon
nice shots of Space Mountain PLUS empty Nautilus Lagoon
pictures by Mario Freier

Great atmospheric view
picture by Felix Schmidt

Top of the Mountain
Close-up of the roof constructions

Space Mountain and Back of Nautilus
very nice view
(c) 2000 Disney Magazine

great pictures made by Teasy

(c) The DLP-Guidebook

Space Mountain in October 1999

>by Alan Taff

Different high resolution views of Space Mountain

by Filip

More high resolution views of Space Mountain

by Filip

Space Mountain with much green in front, seen from Videopolis

at The DLP-Guidebook

Here are some wonderful atmospheric pictures

shot by Alan Taff

Space Mountain in winter with SNOW on it!!!

seen by Mathias

Different views of Space Mountain

More views of Space Mountain

Space Mountain's roof seen from Star Traders
photo donated by Francesco Fabris

Space Mountain seen from the parking lot

SM from the air
(c) Disney Magazine
SM and cannon

SM seen from Central Plaza

Space Mountain and Nautilus

SM seen from Fantasyland
at the Web-version of the DLP-FAQ, (c) André Willey)

SM and Orbitron, SM and Nautilus

Details (rear of SM, Hidden Mickey?)

Advertising Poster "Excursions Lunaires"

Advertising poster seen from Autopia
by FeLIX

Directly standing in front of it

Another view

at the Space Mountain Homepage

SM Poster at the entrance

shot by Alan Taff


made by Filip


photo donated by FARBIS

Text on Poster:
Départs qoutidiens
Admirez le Génie de Jules Verne
La Huitième Merveille du Monde
Le Canon Columbiad
Les Merveilles de l'époque lunaire
De La Terre A La Lune
Space Mountain
Le Mont de L'Espace
This is the Space Mountain poster hanging in some showcases, e.g. next to the main entrance of Space Mountain and under the station in Main Street USA. Notice the different colours!

Space Mountain at Night

Summer 1999
Space Mountain at night. longtime recording, so all flash lights are visible
(c) FeLIX

Nautilus Lagoon
taken summer 1999
(c) FeLIX

Space Mountain on December 31st 1999

Interesting atmospheric shots

nice aerial view

Roof, little blurry but nice lighting
by FeLIX

Space Mountain at Night

SM at night
(c) www.disney.com

Space Mountain at Night
at the Web-version of the DLP-FAQ, (c) Disney

Facts & Figures

Diameter		62 meters (+10 meters overlapping roof)
Height			43 meters (peak)
Depth			 5 meters below ground
Angle of roof		32 degrees
Shape			polygon, 16 sides
Location		Disneyland Paris, France, Europe
			48 52 27.03" N, 2 46 45.08" E

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