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Space Mountain - Columbiad Cannon

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Three different clips of trains entering the cannon and the Columbiad firing. Great screams!
filmed and provided by Mark Jochems
mj_120496launch.mpg [0m40s MPEG1 645kB]
mj_191298launch1.mpg [0m29s MPEG1 473kB]
mj_191298launch2.mpg [0m57s MPEG1 913kB]


Cannon Details

Excellent close-ups of the cannon

(c) The DLP-Guidebook

More Details

new wonderful shots made by Teasy

(c) The DLP-Guidebook

The Golden Archer

Here is a very nice and sharp close-up of the golden archer shot

The Golden Sun

Close-up of the golden sun

photo donated by Francesco Fabris

Reproduction of cannon-drawing in the green room

High resolution picture! Note that not all measures in this picture are correct! The 7.2m part is in real 7.5m long, also the 5.2m segment is 5.5m in reality.

made by FeLIX

Nice picture of cannon and Nautilus

Nice picture of cannon and Nautilus

Great view and interesting lighting

Great detail shot

Close-up of train being shot

High resolution picture of the cannon
taken by Filip

Pictures at DLPfan.ORG

Cannon from behind

Cannon from exactly behind



Facts & Figures

About the Pusher Vehicle
The pusher vehicle consists of a chassis that's mounted on rails, below the main ride rails, and has a fin that interfaces with the launch pole on the train. An electric motor rapidly winds up a thick metal rope, that pulls the pusher vehicle up the track, that pushes the train up to the top of the catapult. This system is very similar to the high speed wench systems used to launch aircraft on carriers, only its more reliable and safer.
Reported by Alan Taff, 9.3.1996

Acceleration		approx. 1.5 G during catapult launch
Peak velocity		14.2 m/s (~50km/h), reached after 1.8 s
Elevation during launch 26.5 meters
max Launch frequency	36 seconds (5 trains running)
Length			22 meters
Inclination		32 degrees
Weight			15.5 tons
Width of barrel		5 meters
Special effects		Steam smoke system, synchronized
			lighting and audio "boom"
Decorative cladding	24 kt. gold leaf on the archer, sun-
			face and moon-face

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