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Cost Cutting at DLP
The French daily Le Parisien released a report about an internal meeting of EuroDisney SCA in which further cost cutting measures have been presented. [...] At the same time the planned closures of the FastPass-system at Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril Backwards, Space Mountain and Star Tours during the week will most propably have no impact at guests at all as the stand by lines usually do stretched longer than the waiting time for FastPass-holders anyway. At the same time the closure of the FastPass system allows a significant reduction of castmembers deployed to the attraction.
Reported by Joel & Le Parisien & the DLP-Guide.com-Team on 19. Nov. 2001

Rain Protection Update
Two days ago when I was visiting DLP, the new weather protecting roof above the FastPass ticket distribution machines was finishied. Furthermore, another little roof was build at the first greeter of SM (beneath the SM logo). This roof was also made because of rain. I don't have any photos, but I can say that the little "greeter roof" is not very beautiful with its orange paint!
Reported by Nicolas on 3. Nov 2001

Rain Protection for Fastpass-Users
Space Mountain is one of the attractions at Disneyland Paris, which offers guests the Fastpass-service to reduce the waitingtime. Getting one of those tickets at Space Mountain could be a very wet, cold and windy experience during bad weather periods in the past. Now the area with the ticket distribution machines is closed for refurbishment and will reopen soon with a complete new roof to protect guests waiting to get their Fastpass for a ride from the earth to the moon.
Reported by Joel & the DLP-Guide.com-Team on 23. Oct. 2001

New FastPasses
New (longer) FastPass ticket design. Picture shows front side of an invalid and valid FastPass and the reverse.
Scanned by Nicolas, 1.5.2001

Did you know that Fastpass tickets in SM will change soon ? They will use the same as at Big Thunder Mountain (longer ticket, but with more languages translated). If you have "old" fastpass tickets from SM keep them :-)
Reported by Nicolas on 26.2.2001.

New Sign
There is a new small sign in the queue line (in the crossing of Fastpass and normal queue line) with the text "Embarquement ----> Moon trains" (with an arrow). But this sign gives too much light... not good just close to the dark-enlighted EDV ...
Reported by Nicolas on 14.1.2001. Photo by Stefan Tiesing

More Fastpass?! Less Waiting?!
The fans are still discussing whether the over-all-waiting time at the FastPass-equipped attractions Indy-backwards, Peter Pan and Space Mountain has been positively affected and whether the whole system is making sense - and are busy finding ways to get as many FP-passports as possible (you are sure you don't want to ride Space Mountain? Really? Oh, then ... could you just borrow me your passport?) - but the management of DLP seems to judge it as an success. As the Disney parks in the US are proceeding with Fastpass, DLP is planning to equip more attractions with FP, too! According to a CM the next attractions due for a Fastpass-treatment are: Big Thunder Mountain and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! The first one had been named by the management earlier this year already, even so they stated that they had a problem on where to locate the FP-queue.
Reported by Paul on 30 Aug 2000 at The DLP-Guidebook

About the new rock
About the new rock, that wasn't finished: In fact, I saw a door in this rock! A quite big door (in fact a normal door like the ones in your house), and inside there are probably the computers for Fastpass ...
Reported by Nicolas, 22.5.2000

FastPass Problems
Fastpass is now in operation at all three attractions (Space Mountain, Indy backwards and Peter Pan) it was announced for earlier. But DLP is still battling problems with the system: Castmembers have been assigned to all Fastpass-terminals, as nearly every third guest is withhold his Fastpass by the system. Therefore most of the Fastpass-tickets are handed out by hand to prevent long lines at the terminals.
There is still a problem with Fastpass-holders showing up too early at the Fastpass-entrance which results in long lines building up consisting only of guests with Fastpass-tickets for a later time-window, which in turn gives the impression the system is not working.
The problem and the lines aggravate during the day as a long line gets people unnecesssarily to come prior to the opening of their time-window. But several Imagineers were seen around the Fastpass-areas making notices on Sunday 7th.
Reported by DLP-Guidebook-Team, 16 May 2000

Europeans and FastPass
[...] Europeans do NOT seem to understand Fastpass ... they stand in line to get a ticket (and the line just to get a Fastpass ticket was 20 minutes at Space Mountain) then proceed to the fastpass line immediately, causing a traffic jam. Easily half the people crowding around the fastpass entrance were supposed to come back later. [...]
Reported by MDeturbide in fl.attractions on 6 May 2000

FastPass Dispensers
This is what the Space Mountain FastPass ticket dispensers look like.

First Impressions
A part of the chicken way has been closed and replaced by the FastPass-entrance (on 1st April the complete chicken way had been closed). FastPass-users enter the line near the Electro-Velociteur. From this point the waiting-time are a constant 10 minutes. As a result of this the lines outside of the Space Mountain will get longer again, as the gallery at the Boarding Zone won't be usable for the queue anymore.
Reported by DLP-Guidebook-Team on 4. Apr 2000

This area is being refurbished
Look at this interesting new white rock!
pictures taken by Teasy, 1.4.2000

More Details
"La Voie Stellaire" is currently closed, but I heard (from SM's CMs) that it will be opened again in a few days. For Fastpass, the beautifull Greeter 2 was changed (beneath the BIG SM logo, they put a thing written something like "Waiting Time", with an electric counter). I didn't see this counter working, because it was too early... Fastpass was working, but some few things weren't finished. Concerning SM Fastpass machines, there are several (maybe 5 or 6 ?), they're brown, with a yellow hole, where you can enter your DLP passeport. When you enter the passeport, a little ticket is printed. There are new other things: There is one "greeter" for the Fastpass machines... One "Space Mountain" logo (ONLY the text "Space Mountain", nothing else). It's much smaller than the "Greeter 2 SM logo", but it's golden :-)
Behind the Fastpass machines, is still one "This area is being refurbished" area... This area is hidden by big green planks. Well, in this area, I saw one rock... it was a new rock, but it wasn't finished yet !! So, there was no paint on it, it was like other rocks, but ONLY white! (see picture above)
And two days later (on Monday) I saw one CM, with a brush in his hand, and a ladder... He start painting it! First he painted a dark green line (vertical), and a brown line, a dark green line, a brown line, a dark green line, etc... he didn't put any painting in the rocket's holes. But it was funny to see how you can paint these rocks, you first have to paint green and brown vertical lines ! Fortunately, that was the first layer :-) Soon you won't see these lines, but a rock looking exactly like other rocks...
For the Fastpass entrance... it's now in the (ex ?) "Voie Stellaire" entrance (just front of the Hyperion's right entrance). And there is one "greeter" too... It's one kind of BIG circle, with a "Fastpass" sign (written in the SM font), and a *very* little clock just near of this (see picture above). BEFORE the entrance stairs, there is also a CM, who checks Fastpass tickets...
Reported by Nicolas on 3 Apr 2000

First picture: back of the ticket. Second picture: normal ticket. Last picture: what you get when you already put your passeport in the machine, and when the time written in your (first) Fastpass ticket isn't yet in the past.
pictures and information provided by Nicolas, 3.4.2002

here are FastPassers and StandBy-queuers meeting each other, entry is controlled by CastMembers
created by Nicolas

This piece of paper is sometimes given to a guest at the entrance of FastPass. It has to be returned to the Cast Member at the grouper (in the station), who forwards it to the tower. It's used for estimating the current waiting time for FastPassers.
scanned by Cindy Yung

What's FastPass?
Fast Pass, a system which shall help to significantly reduce the waiting times at the attractions of Disneyland Paris was displayed during a press conference by the Theme Park Manager Phillipe Laflandre. With this system the Theme Park visitors will be able to get a Fast Pass and return to the attraction where they got it two a specified time. Mr. Laflandre stated that these shall lead to waiting times of not more than 10 minutes for people who got their fast pass. In order to give everybody the same possibilities you will only get one Fast Pass at one time and you can only get a new one after you have used you old one. You will get your Fast Pass by putting your entrance ticket into a slot and your return time will be saved on your ticket. In the beginning Fast Pass will be used at Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and Peter Pan. Laflandre said that these attractions have been chosen to be the first because of geographical and technical reasons. Fast Pass, which is also used in Disney's American parks since some time may be added to more attractions in the future as Mr. Laflandre said.
Reported by DLP-Guidebook-Team

FastPass News
Disneyland Paris has confirmed in an offical press release, that they will start using FastPass from April on at three major attractions: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril backwards, Space Mountain and Peter Pan's Flight. Castmembers are going to explain the system to the guests at the entrance of all three attractions - it is said that by using FastPass one "should not have to wait more than a few minutes" if one returns in the usually one hour window handed out by FastPass. FastPass will be free of charge and as in the US-parks, guests can only reserve one attraction at a time. Disneyland Paris predicts that "80% of seats in each of the selected attractions will be for FastPass holders, while 20% will use the traditional queues".
Reported by The DLP-Guidebook-Team and Filip Van Tyghem, 19.2.2000

Construction started!

About the Fastpass... DLP is already building it NOW !! In fact, there are already these green walls with the sheet "We are building something for your future enjoyment", with the little Mickey and his tools... Where DLP is building the Fastpass machine ? In one part of the queue line "Le Jardin" (The Garden), it's the outside part of the queue line, with all these weird trees ... So, next time you'll go at SM, you'll probably use the Fastpass machine! Some other things will change ...

One queue line will be build from the Space Mountain entrance to "la Gallerie d'Observation" (Asteroid Walkway)... After the Fastpass, the Asteroid Walkway will be changed to "Fastpass queue line". The queue line from the EDV to the station will be cut in two different queue lines, one for Fastpass, the other for a normal queue line.

The grille wall, already separating the Asteroid Walkway and the queue line will be enlarged ... At the moment, the grille doesn't touch the SM's queue line ceilling ... when the Fastpass queue line will come, this grille will touch the ceilling (so as to avoid bad guests that already sometimes pass through the grille (by climbing on it) ...

But some problems for the Fastpass machine ... (reported by a CM) ... He said: "They'll put the Fastpass at Indiana Jones and Space for beginning ... But at the moment, Disney has problems with the Fastpass machine ... This machine can only print the text on tickets in one single language.. Disney would like the machine to print in 6 different language" Concerning the DLP passeport, I asked the CM, and he told me: "I don't know whether guests will need it to use the Fastpass machine."

Reported by Nicolas, 18.2.2000

DLP to get Fastpass
Reported in today's Sunday Times (UK) that DLP will begin operating Fastpass from April 1. First attractions to get it will be Space Mountain and Peter Pan's Flight, to be followed by Indiana Jones. We've just booked a short break there for April 4-6, so I'll check it out then!
Reported by Ian Blenkinsop on 30 Jan 2000 in rec.arts.disney.parks

Testing a new system
But I heard about something in SM, something that happend once or twice, only for testing the system. At the entrance (before Greeter 1, there were some CMs, giving some "SM tickets" (price = 0 F). On each ticket, there was written an hour (for exemple 16:15), and if you had the ticket written 16:15, at 16:15 you could enter the queue line, only giving your ticket ... The problem was that at the end of the afternoon, there was no ticket anymore ! I heard that these tickets looked like DLP parking tickets, with the SM logo... could be nice to have one! In fact, if you had your ticket, you entered by the chicken way entrance (the one just under the SM poster "Excursions Lunaires")... Some CMs were checking your tickets.
Reported by Nicolas, 30.1.2000

First FastPass Rumours
Rumor has it that DLP has set an April 1st date (how ironic) to start it's own FastPass Virtual Queue system on Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Peter Pan's Flight. It's unknown if they will add it to Big Thunder Mountain as well just yet.
Reported at www.screamscape.com, 22.9.1999

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