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Space Mountain Fastpass


Timeslot Display
Fastpass comeback time display
Photo by FeLIX

Fastpass ticket dispensers
Photo by FeLIX

Begin of Fastpass queue
Photo by FeLIX

FastPass Entrance
The Fastpass entrance is one of the former Starway entrances
Photo by FeLIX

No more Chicken Way
Closed entrance of the Starway
Photo by FeLIX

Waiting time display
Current waiting time of the standby queue
Photo by FeLIX

Arrow in the Queue
This bright illuminated arrow sign is just before the Electro De Velocitor in the Starway. It's located where the standby queue and the FastPass queue meet each other and shall help guest finding the right way to the station.
Photo by Stefan Tiesing

FastPass ticket dispensers
Operating and opened for maintenance
by DLP Guide Book, 23.8.2000

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