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FastPass Tips

On crowded days the FastPass-tickets may sell out quiet soon, so turn up early at the FastPass-attractions, but always keep in mind that you won't be able to turn in a FastPass-ticket before the indicated time so think twice before taking a FastPass as you wont be able to get a second FastPass for another attraction till the time-window of the first one has turned up.

To get a second FastPass as early as possible for the same or another attraction, go to the FastPass-machines and take a second FastPass-ticket as soon as the time indicated on your first FastPass-ticket has arrived (the FastPass-machines only check that the time-window of the FastPass-ticket issued earlier has arrived, but not whether you used it), only after this proceed to the attraction and take use of the first FastPass-ticket.

Don't worry if there is a line at the FastPass-entrance to the attraction. A possible reasons could be, that a breakdown of the ride earlier has resulted in people from several time-windows lining up - the castmembers will reduce the FastPass-line as fast as possible. But there is a second more common cause for lines at the FastPass-entrance: guests show up before their reserved time-window and are turned back by the castmember at the entrance and then form a line beside the entrance to wait for their time-window to arrive. So there is no sense in showing up too early, you won't be allowed to enter the attraction. If you are on time and there is a line check out with the castmember at the entrance which of the two causes resulted in the line building up. As said, most common is the second one, so you could enter the attraction without waiting if you are on time.

Want to collect FastPass-tickets as free souvenirs? Please: don't take a FastPass-ticket and let it expire without using it. Keep in mind: the number of FastPass-tickets for each time-window is limited so someone else would have to wait longer. Instead try to get a second FastPass-ticket before the time-window of the first one arrives. The machine will then print out a non valid-FastPass-ticket on the usual FastPass-ticket-forms you wanted to collect.

One last whish: if you got a FastPass-ticket and don't want to use it - please hand it on to guests in the Stand-By-Line, they will be happy!

FastPass Tip
Fastpass is a really great opportunity to save waiting time, especially if you know how to get more than one Fastpass at the same time! There are two ways of getting more than one FP:
a) If there's a Castmember who likes you, and the CM is currently at the Terminal where you get the Fastpasses, you might have luck and he asks you if you want some free FPs. The CM always has a key with him that allows him to print out as many FPs as he wants, and if he likes you you might get 10 FPs or so (like I got).
b) The other method is really simple, but it would damage the whole system if I would write that tactic here, so: find it out yourself!
Reported by Moster on 22. Jun 2000 at The DLP-Guidebook

FastPass Tip
Is this the other way If you are travelling with a couple of people (hopefully 3-4) you can use all their Entrance Passes to get fastpass tickets, Of course what you do is, you use all of the fastpass tickets for yourself, and you can easily get 4 rides in about 30 mins. I done this and got 2 rides in 10 mins, It was excellent. :):) It was a shame I couldn't get no more entrance passes, otherwise I could have got more. who cares if this is a bad way to use the system, I think it's excellent.
Reported by Paul on 25. Jun 2000 at The DLP-Guidebook

FastPass Tip
You can also use old DLP tickets and even tickets from Walt Disney World. I have tried last May and it worked pretty well!!! SM three times in a row in less that 15 minutes!!!
Reported by Frank on 26. Jun 2000 at The DLP-Guidebook

FastPass Tip
You can use all old tickets, I tried some from 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Everything worked and I got up to 10 FPs!
Reported by Moster on 29. Jun 2000 at The DLP-Guidebook

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