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Available Frames

Classic Frame
This is the front and back of the classic folder containing the ride photo. Size: 21 x 29.7 cm. Unfortunately this frame is no longer available (last seen 2001-08-06)
Scanned by FeLIX

More Futuresque Version
There is also another version available: a pure frame without cover but in a metallic shining look. Text: "Disneyland Paris, Space Mountain, I SURVIVED"
Scanned and provided by Tom Morrow (2nd row on the right)

New Picture Design
In a recent change (which has been introduced at Disneyland's Space Mountain in Anaheim a few weeks ago too) those pcitures do no longer show just the guests sitting in the trains inside the cannon, instead the trains with the guests are copied into a spacevista. [Note: the picture is a snapshot from the monitors. The actual print-out does not contain the number!]
Reported at The DLP-Guidebook, 10.6.2001

New Frame
The new frame is a very large folder (unopened 25 x 34.5 cm, more than A4 size!). The Frame shows different planets, galaxies, comets and lots of stars. It has a Space Mountain logo (chrome design) on the front page and a small Kodak logo on the back.
Scanned by FeLIX

New Classic Frame
As a replacement for the classic blue frame a smaller version of the new black frame has been introduced.
Reported by FeLIX, 4.10.2001

Comment on the new Frame Design
Now guests can buy a normal photo with a 2001 Disney-made logo, OR if the guest pays a little more, he can get an advanced design photo.
In this new advanced design photo, you can see the 4 seats of the SM car taken by the photo machine AND around the 4 seats you can see a drawn space, a drawn SM car, a drawn and big moon, and Saturn (I hate this Saturn on the photo, even it's beautifull it's NOT Space Mountain - From the Earth to the Moon...) etc. This is beautiful, but the drawn SM train is a little different from reality. If you buy this new photo, you have also a NEW cardboard coverage for this: In this coverage, you see space draws, stars and other planets like Saturn (arrggghh !!! Nooooo !!) Saturn is NOT in SM and it's a travel to the Moon ONLY. So... even the new photo is very beautiful, I regret this Saturn draws...
Reported by Nicolas, 27.5.2001

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