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Ride Pictures

In this section funny ride pictures are presented. Among the pictures on this page there are some I have found somewhere on the web but can't remember exactly where anymore, so I can't give any credit. If you recognize yourself on one of these pictures or you don't want to be shown here at all, please tell me! For contributions to this page please email to FeLIX .

Taping the ride
Darkness and loopings seem to be no problem while filming for this space traveller
provided by Tom Morrow

Space Girls!
Cindy and friends, all proud Passeport Annuel Francilien holders ...
Picture provided by Cindy

The comments in pictures were not added by me!
source: unknown

Aggressive Style
to be commented ...
source: unknown

That's me!
Me and my sister riding Space Mountain in the first row of train #1
picture made 1996

Winnie Pooh in Space too?
Lyn, Paul, Rob and Sooty
found at http://pages.eidosnet.co.uk/~robsweb/disney/space.htm

It might rain in Space ...
Paul, Rob, Elizabeth and Carolyn
found at http://pages.eidosnet.co.uk/~robsweb/disney/space.htm

Matthias and Tina
Notice Pluto as a third passenger in the first row!
Picture provided by Matthias Gill

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