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Letters and Numbers

Starry Sky
with Star named TD 748. TD = Tim Delaney?
by Nicolas

When you look up to the ceiling in the green room, you can see lots of pairs of letters and numbers. The following list shows all 41 pairs:
AG732 - AG752 - BB942 - DA760 - DH447 - DL453 - DM362 - DW258 - EB652 - EP863 - FB355 - FM652 - IP556 - JB156 - JF232 - JF646 - JG143 - JG245 - JL963 - LE453 - LM554 - MF859 - MK254 - MR246 - NG260 - NP766 - OF932 - PB148 - PL153 - RB764 - RH865 - RP257 - SB766 - SB858 - SE174 - SE252 - SP770 - TD748 - TM658 - VG767 - WW046
transcribed by Nicolas

Where is it?
SE252 seems to have vanished!
REPORTED: Nicolas on 8 Oct 1999

Possible Meaning

The letters could be initals of the imagineers who worked on Space Mountain.
Nicolas has asked for names of imagineers in a letter to DLP but received only an answer with the following content: "We are sorry, we can't tell you that. This information isn't for our guests."
One CM of SM who knows very much about SM told Nicolas: "Nobody can be sure of the right names, and concerning the numbers, some of them are birthdates, but some of them are Cast Members's ID's numbers, or other kind of numbers, like the part of the working area the Imagineer was working at..."
If the letters are initials and the numbers birthdates then the meaning of the three digits could be month/year, but since there is only one digit for the month, "1" would mean both January and November, "2" February as well as December.
Nicolas and I have compiled the following list with possible pairs of initals and names of imagineers (found on the web) who could have been involved in Space Mountain's construction.
If you have any further inside knowledge to disclose this secret, please let me know!
Symbol Name Alternative Birthdate Age in
June '95
AG732 Jul. 1932 62
AG752 Jul. 1952 42
BB942 Bob Baranick Bruce Bader (Scope Writer) Sep. 1942 52
DA760 Jul. 1960 34
DH447 Doug Hartwell Apr. 1947 48
DL453 Doug LeBlanc Apr. 1953 42
DM362 David Mumford (Show Set Design) Mar. 1962 33
DW258 Doug Wolf (Project Manager, WDW) Feb. or Dec. 1958 36-37
EB652 Jun. 1952 43
EP863 Aug. 1963 31
FB355 Mar. 1955 40
FM652 Jun. 1952 43
IP556 May 1956 39
JB156 Jack Blitch Jan. or Nov. 1956 38-39
JF232 Joe Falzetta (Principal Show Lighting Designer) Feb. or Dec. 1932 62-63
JF646 Joe Falzetta (Principal Show Lighting Designer) Jun. 1946 49
JG143 Jack Gillette Jan. or Nov. 1943 51-52
JG245 Jack Gillette Feb. or Dec. 1945 49-50
JL963 Joe Lanzisero (Senior Concept Designer, Executive designer) Sep. 1963 31
LE453 Apr. 1953 42
LM554 May 1954 41
MF859 Aug. 1959 35
MK254 Michael Kent (Showride Engineer) Feb. or Dec. 1954 40-41
MR246 Mark Rhodes (Show Writer) Feb. or Dec. 1946 48-49
NG260 Feb. or Dec. 1960 34-35
NP766 Jul. 1966 28
OF932 Sep. 1932 62
PL153 Jan. or Nov. 1953 41-42
RH865 Ron Hamming (Ride Project Engineer) Aug. 1965 29
RP257 Feb. 1957 38
SB766 Steve Bramson (Music Composer) Jul. 1966 28
SB858 Steve Bramson (Music Composer) Aug. 1958 36
SE174 Jan. or Nov. 1974 20-21
SE252 Feb. or Dec. 1952 42-43
SP770 Jul. 1970 24
TD748 Tim Delaney Jul. 1948 46
TM658 Thomas R. Morris Jun. 1958 37
VG767 Jul. 1967 27
WW046 Oct. 1946 48

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