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Safety Video

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Complete Video
Recorded by FeLIX in 1997

Safety video soundtrack including orignal queuing atmosphere: warning.mp3 [463kB]
Recorded by FeLIX in 1997


Screenshot of the safety video


English text
Your attention please
Space Mountain is a rollercoaster type ride in the dark
with sharp turns, high speeds, heights and sudden drops.
To experience this ride, you should be in good health
and free from heart conditions, motion sickness,
back or neck problems or other physical conditions,
which could be aggravated by this attraction.
We suggest that expectant mothers
and anyone wearing a neck or back brace refrain from riding.
If you should decide not to ride Space Mountain,
please ask a host or hostess for assistance.
Thank you.

French subtitles
Space Mountain est une montagne russe dans le noir ...
... avec des virages serrés, des accélérations vertigineuses ...
... des vrilles et un looping.
Pour embarquer dans cette attraction,
vous devez être en bonne santé,
et n’être affecté d’aucun trouble physique, ...
... susceptible de s’aggraver.
Le futures mamans ne devraient pas monter à bord.
Les personnes d'une taille inférieure à 1m 40 ...
ne peuvent participer à cette aventure.
Si vous ne souhaitez pas embarquer,
adressez-vous à un de nos hôtes.

English subtitles (differ from the English text!)
Space Mountain is a roller coaster in the dark ...
... with sharp turns, high speed heights,
corkscrews and a loop.
To experience this ride,
you should be in good health ...
... and free from physical conditions ...
... which could be aggravated by this attraction.
Expectant mothers should not ride.
Anyone not reaching the minimum height requirement ...
... of 1.40 meter may not participate to this adventure.
If you do not wish to ride,
please notify one of our hosts.
Thank you.

General Information

Not exclusively for DLP
The Space Mountain Warning Movie is made for Space Mountain in WDW. I saw the same movie when I was there, just with other 'in coaster' shoots. I think we deserve a movie of our own, not one made for the USA and put in place in our Space Mountain ... The girl never talks about loops and so, because the Space Mountain in WDW doesn't have loops, that's why the subtitles are there, to tell you there are loops.
Reported by DisneyTom on 28. Dec 2002 at The DLP-Guidebook

Who's the lady?
The lady in the safety video is the 1996 Disneyland Paris Ambassador Nicole (the name tag is readable).
Reported by FeLIX

There is a certain similarity to the video in the Space Mountains at Anaheim (left). It's the 1995 Disneyland Ambassador Kathleen.
Reported by FeLIX. Left picture is from the Space Mountain Homepage

Layout of the screens
There are always two screens side by side (in the little round room and in the green room), except from the single monitor at the very beginning of the Starway. One monitor is showing french subtitles, the other english subtitles. The latter subtitles are slightly different from the english speaker text.
Reported by FeLIX

Video Source
The safety spiel is most likely stored - as most video spiels in the park - on Laserdisc.
Reported by FeLIX

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