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Space Mountain - The Tracks

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Lights On!
Space Mountain was, again, out of operation for some time (2/6/2000). The "Chicken Way" (Walktrough Gallery) stayed open during that time so there was a fantastic view on all details ...

Lights On!
More pictures, some running trains caught with a 1600 speed film

More light
These pictures were taken while the lights inside Space Mountain were ON! They show lots of tracks and some meteorites.
Pictures by Raysurx

SM Tracks
Second picture seems to be part of the Sidewinder Looping
Photos by Nicolas

The brakes
For braking two braking jaws (picture by Francesco Fabris ) move together by compressed air. The trains have a metal sheet hanging down which goes between the jaws. The lining has to be replaced more than once a year. (Right next to this brake: the hook!)
Reported by FeLIX, 8.8.1999

Brakes in the Cannon
This picture shows two different braking systems between the rails in the cannon
Photo by Nicolas

The Hook

The pusher vehicle consists of a chassis that's mounted on rails, below the main ride rails, and has a fin that interfaces with the launch pole on the train. An electric motor rapidly winds up a thick metal rope, that pulls the pusher vehicle up the track, that pushes the train up to the top of the catapult. This system is very similar to the high speed wench systems used to launch aircraft on carriers, only its more reliable and safer.

Reported by Alan Taff, 9.3.1996

The track layout
The track profile
The zones

Facts & Figures

Thrill elements 360 degree "sidewinder" loop "corkscrew" loop 180 degree "tongue" loop
Ride controls Redundant programmable logic controller based system, employing six main computers and 1,300 impact/output points
Peak height 31 meters
Length of catapult 60 meters
Length of Lift B 24 meters
Number of tracks 1
Length of Track (Ride) 1000 meters
Total length 1100 meters (including storage and station)
Diameter of track tubes 142 mm
Wall thickness 6 - 13 mm
Distance of track tubes 1218 mm
Diameter of backbone 324 mm
Wall thickness 25 mm
Number of block zones 7
Number of brake zones 2 + 2 stations
Number of tilts 2: Catapult ("Lift A"), Pacer ("Lift B")

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