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Space Mountain - Rocket Ship Vehicles

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Safety Sticker
originally located inside the train in front of you
conserved by Cindy Yung

A sketch of the trains
Scanned from: "Walt Disney Imagineering, A Behind the Dreams Look at Making the Magic Real"

Train leaving the station

Close-up of empty train leaving the station

Train on its way to the cannon ...
photo donated by Francesco Fabris

... also at night!

Ready for Blast-Off

Close-up of train being shot

Close-up of train being shot

Train seen through the windows at the bottom of the cannon
made by Mathias

Passengers just boarded. Note DM-Logo on side of train!
photo by FeLIX

Loading Area, empty train
photo by FeLIX

Close-Up of arriving train
picture shot by David G. Ravenswood

First car

Rear of one of the middle cars

End of train. Take a look at the wheels etc.!

Facts & Figures

Rocket Train Wheels
Did you know that in every SM's train wheels (even the smallest wheels) there is written "VEKOMA"?
REPORTED: Nicolas on 30. Jul 2000

Patented Audio System
Here is a patent dealing with the onboard sound system of the Space Mountain trains, called "Sound System", US 5,784,473. You can read it at the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Reported by Nicolas, 5.3.2001

Number of trains	6
Cars per train		6
Vehicle Capacity	24 guest per train
			(6 cars, 4 passengers each)
Trains running		up to 5 (1 train always in maintenance)
Weight unloaded		5000 kg (train)
Weight loaded		7500 kg
Length of rocket ship	2.5 meters
Length of train		16.5 meters
Audio			6 built-in speakers per seat (at least 2
			midbass and 1 underseat subwoofer per seat
			-- where are the other ones?). Digital audio
			with automatic playback speed adjustment to
			synchronize the musical score with key elements
			of the show. Music written by movie composer
			Steve Bramson

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