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About my work with POV-Ray

The following pictures are raytraced using POV-Ray 3.1. If you want to join developing more details, contact me!

I made an earlier version with 3D Studio (see last pic), but I like POV-Ray more because textual editing of objects is much easier. And as I don't have exact measures, varying object sizes has to be done quite often.

As POV-Ray is similar to normal programming languages, it's very comfortable having separate files for the mountain, cannon etc. which can be included or not for rendering (which lasts quite long...). Having conditional constructs, it's easy to realize different levels of detail for speed enhancements.

Furthermore using loops and other textual programming constructs for generating objects is very useful especially for such symmetrical things like the Mountain or the cannon.

For the walkways for example I use the new procedure-concept of POV-Ray 3.1: I wrote macros which generate straight segments, curves, contraction of width etc., everything parametrical. All I yet have to do is to write a textfile which describes the course (10m straight, 45 degrees right ...) of the hall inside SM and my POV-Ray-program will automatically generate all the objects ...

Note that the trapezoid metall wall is not a texture but consists of many 3D-objects! Only the rough metal structure and the PVC floor ist textured ...

All objects created by FeLIX.

FeLIX' Renderings

The cannon

Cannon with roofed rails

Body of mountain

La Voie Stellaire
Long time I thought the Starway was dark green, but a photograph (see Queuing-Page) convinced me that it's blue!

La Voie Stellaire

Mountain with cannon
made with 3D Studio

3D model of a Discoveryland trashcan
These trashcans can also be found at different places in the Space Mountain queue ("Electro de velocitor", Green Room, Loading Area)...

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