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Read some interesting descriptions and stories reported by fans of Space Mountain.

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The Complete Space Mountain Experience

The first time I ever heard of space mountain was in 1995, I was 11 years old. In a typical summer morning I saw on television the documentary on space mountain,before its grand opening! I was fulgorated by it and that summer I went with my parents to Paris to ride it ... [More]

By Romano

A journey of ninety-seven hours and twenty minutes

In one of his first novel, Jules Verne imagined the amazing adventure of a little group of American and French explorers for a trip, "From the Earth to the Moon"... [More]

By Guillaume Richaud

Space Mountain (de la Terre a la Lune)

Attention FAQ readers, the following section contains SPOILERS for Disneyland Paris's fortieth and newest wonder, Space Mountain. The ride is located next to the Nautilus lagoon in Discoveryland, and is themed on Jules Verne's book "From the Earth to the Moon". For those of you who still wanna read more, welcome to the fastest ride ever built at a Disney Park! [More]

by Jean-Marc Toussaint

Space Mountain

Space Mountain (directly behind the Orbitron), is the single best ride ever, EVER, created by Disney. Space Mountain at Walt Disney World and Disneyland California (I've visited every park but Tokyo Disneyland) are only poor excuses for rides compared to this one. In every respect including looks, ride, wait time in line, and anything else, it is superior bar none. [More]

By Boz Adams

Space Mountain - Achterbahn im HELLEN!

Das wohl interessanteste Erlebnis hatten wir am ersten Tag. Es war ca. 17.00 Uhr und wir wollten gerade das erste Mal mit Space Mountain fahren: Wir gingen ins Gebäude hinein und kamen an den Fenstern vorbei, die ins innere des Gebäudes, sprich zu den Schienen, gerichtet sind. Das erstaunliche an diesen Fenstern war, daß es dahinter nicht dunkel war!!! Und an dieser Stelle machten wir einen Fehler, den ich mir bis jetzt noch nicht verziehen habe. [More]

By Christian Ahuis

Space Mountain breakdown

Now, let me also share a unusual situation from my recent visit to DLP's SpaceMountain: When standing in the waiting corridors inside SpaceMountain you will encounter some monitors which show a short movie that gets you in the right mood for the ride. it also gives some safety instruction. The waiting area generally is rather dim as you do have the option to look into Space from some windows. [More]

By Roland Young

Review of Disneyland Paris

The great launching gun up the side of Space Mountain does an amazing show every 30-45 seconds with lights, sound, and smoke effects as it blasts the train up the side. Unfortunately the actual ride effects of the launch aren't as impressive as getting to watch it. The track up the side seems barely over two train-lengths in length and the train lurches more than launches, but no matter, it looks great. [More]

By Eric Griswold

Space Mountain - My First Ride

Ever since I first heard about Space Mountain on the Grand Opening of Euro Disney, I've been fascinated by it, and I tried to get every single piece of information available, about the ride, before I went on it. I got artist's renderings of it, I got descriptions about it from Travel brochures, and I wrote to Disneyland Paris for information about it and they sent me a special Castmember magazine. [More]

By Alan Taff

Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris

This Space Mountain, designed by Tim Delaney of Walt Disney Imagineering and built by Vekoma, was the first one to feature sound and the only one to include inversions. Virtually everyone who has ridden it declares that this one is superior to all other Space Mountains out there. [More]

By Kevin Yee

Abruptes Ende einer Fahrt

Ich war insgesamt 120,5 mal in Space Mountain -- einmal ist etwas Spektakuläres passiert: Das war im Sommer '98, Space Mountain war oft außer Betrieb, die Kanone hat nicht richtig funktioniert, was ich aber kaum glaube. Nach langer Zeit, die ich vor dem Eingang gewartet hatte (ungefähr 3 Stunden, bis die wieder geöffnet hatten) schien alles wieder zu funktionieren. Aber dem war nicht so. [More]

By Til Minet

Space Mountain

Vanaf 1 juni 1995 heeft het park een eigen Space Mountain, die er minder futuristisch uit ziet dan de Amerikaanse Mountains (vanwege de verandering van thema) maar eruit ziet als een observatorium met een kanonsloop in plaats van een telescoop. Oorspronkelijk zou de attractie Discovery Mountain heten. [More]

By Peter Schouten

Space Mountain Review

Disney carried on with the trend set out by Indiana Jones and commissioned their second looping coaster to be built. Also, they added a launch... Is it a good ride though? [More]

By Marcus Sheen

DLP Trip Report

Back at Marne la Vallee by 4:30 or so, we headed straight for Discoveryland again. Alex desperately wanted to see le Visionarium, their version of Timekeeper, and I wanted to make sure I got on Space Mountain (I've never been on WDW's Space -- Every time I've tried the queue has been too long or else it's been closed for rehab), so we split up. [More]

By Deb

From The Earth To The Moon

This is a report of my and my girlfriend's impressions of SPACE MOUNTAIN. We have been at Disneyland Paris from June 1 1995 until June 4 1995. We stayed in the "Newport Bay Club" resort hotel. It was my fifth visit and my girlfriend's first visit at Disneyland Paris. [More]

By Frank Kremery

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