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Ambient Music at SM

About the welcoming music of Space Mountain, they all come from 'Krull' and 'The Rocketeer'. They were composed by James Horner. You can find this music on CD.
REPORTED: David Calvo, 13 July 1997

Track 18, "Space Mountain", 5:27 long, on the new CD 'Une Journée à Disneyland Paris', is a slower orchestral version of the Space Mountain theme.
REPORTED: FeLIX, 14 Jul 1999

I just want to remark that the Space Mountain track on the new CD comes from the waiting queue. In 1995 you could hear this music in the Voie Stellaire, but lately I've heard it only at the "hangar" (boarding).
REPORTED: David G. Ravenswood, 18 Jul 1999

Now I've also heard the second part of the CD-track in the Voie Stellaire. I don't know if the first part was also played because I just entered. It's likely to be that the whole track can still be heard as it was in 1995. If I remember rightly it is immediately followed by the Rocketeer music.
UPDATED: David G. Ravenswood, 8 Sep 1999

Now I definitively know that the whole Space Mountain track from the CD "Une Journée ..." is played in the whole Space Mountain area, including the waiting queue.
REPORTED: David G. Ravenswood, 25 Nov 1999

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