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Since Wednesday guests of Disneyland Paris have been experiencing some very special and crazy rides on Space Mountain. The popular indoor thrill ride has technical problems which seem to be causing some difficulties. Trains are getting stuck inside the attraction from where guests have had to leave the stranded trains. From time to time the lights and music also seem to be out of control. Who knows how long Space Mountain will offer these crazy rides...?
REPORTED: DLP Guidebook on 24. Jun 2001

"... amazes me"
I didn't hear anything about this. The last time I rode SM was on Friday in the morning. I rode it twice before working. Nothing special is happening! The only things that didn't work were: -Burnt moon face -Fibre optics from the Minning Machine -There was a problem in one train: the little planets close to the DM logo were not painted ONLY in one SM car. That's all I noticed. On 18th, the catapult cable was changed and SM was closed for this day. On Friday I was happy to see the cannon working and that all lamps from EDV were working (except for the "Source d'Energie" logo)
REPORTED: CM Nicolas on 24. Jun 2001

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