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Golden Moon

New Special Effect in Space Mountain
The moon inside Space Mountain, the destination of your journey, has been "updated". The new feature: when he wakes up, a golden shimmer is added to his grey face before he turns to send the courages space-travelers his smile.
REPORTED: DLP-Guidebook-Team, 9 May 2000

No new Effect!
I'm not sure of this ! Of course I already saw this "golden" moon face, it happens sometimes. It's not new! Most of the time it's only grey, but sometimes it's also golden (I noticed that a long time ago).
Well, when there is this golden face, I don't like it much... In my opinion, the grey face is the "true" face. But sometimes it's golden... why ? Perhaps because the "moon diapos" are old (I don't guess this is the reason) or perhaps because the maintenance only had yellow bulbs left! But in my opinion, this is not normal... better in grey. Anyway, it's not something new... I'm sure of this.
REPORTED: Nicolas, 11 May 2000

It's a Bug, not a Feature!
Why is the moon in lift B sometimes golden instead of grey? It's a fault of the slide.
REPORTED: a Cast Member, 19 May 2000

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