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Building Activity behind SM

Building activity behind Space Mountain
Last time when I was at DLP, I saw one little cabin being built, just nearby of the SM building (front of HISTA entrance). It's an SM look style building (SM screws, SM paint, etc). And I put my eyes behind the "This area is refurbished for your future enjoyment". Inside this cabin, I saw one sink, so I guess they will sale food inside it.
REPORTED: Nicolas on 21. Jun 2000

Kiosk behind Space Mountain
In the shadow of the gigantic Space Mountain opposite of the queuing-area of Honey I Shrunk the Audience a new stationery FastFood-kiosk has been opened up to serve drinks and snacks to the guest waiting in line for HISTA or just wandering by ... but it is a totally wrong rumor the pilot of the X-Wing did only stop for a small soft-drink...
REPORTED: DLP-Guidebook-Team on 24 Jul 2000

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