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... Managed to ride SpaceMountain 10times in succession during the period of two hours...i can tell you, the moon is not always awake... ;-)
REPORTED: Roland Young, 4 Feb 1998

... Even the moon was not working in Space Mountain!
REPORTED: Ian Grey, 16 Dec 1998

It was not lightened continuously.
UPDATED: First Drop, 21 Dec 1998

Park looked pretty good, although there were some lights out - loads on Space mountain queue area, and a lot of neon was out in discovery. (U dont seen this kind of thing in the US)
The inside of SM looked a lot lighter than before, the moon is not right either. It seems way too bright, you can see the projection screen etc.
UPDATED: Steve Frearson, 22 Dec 1998

There is some additional ultraviolet spotlights in operation, which ensure that only two or three sections of the course are situated in complete darkness. I personally liked that very much - this way the ride makes more fun.
Then however the disappointment: the next Monday there was again the "old" lighting situation in the dome.
REPORTED: Stefan Tiesing, 23 Mar 1999

The light was too bright in the middle of 1998.
CONFIRMED: Xavier Mourgue, 19 Apr 1999

Isn't it possible that only the moon projection above in the dome leads to different lighting conditions? I observed the following: If the moon is projected, one can detect a whole quantity of details from down from the waiting tunnel. And a projection lasts between 20 and 30 seconds, thus possibly long enough to get the impression of a brighter interior lighting, if it occurs exactly when starting into the mountain ...
UPDATED: Stefan Tiesing, 12 May 1999

Space Mountain was has been re-illuminated!!! According to our opinion they have many more black lights (one could see many more in the mountain than otherwise) and there are some more asteroids hanging there, too!

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