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There's a new three-CD boxed set of Disney music being released later this year (75th anniversary of Disney, 60,000 limited edition box, Disney Store exclusive as far as I know) which will contain the DLP SM ride music.
REPORTED: Andre Willey, 22 Jul 1998

It's on the Disney 75th Anniversary CD that's available at The Disney Store. It's based on some other music but can't remember what it is.
UPDATED: TexasEx95@aol.com, 8 Nov 1998

It's just been released in the US on the Disney 75th Anniversary 3-CD boxed set. A bit expensive if you just want the one track, but the rest of the set is excellent if you're into general Disney music (including some rather good recordings of other theme-park music).
UPDATED: Andre Willey, 9 Nov 1998

Although there is indeed a track on that set that's called 'De la Terre a la Lune', I've been told (I believe through the RADP newsgroup) that this is in fact the soundtrack to the *American* Space Mountains. This soundtrack consists of a completely weird surf interpretation of Saint-Saens' "Aquarium" by Dick Dale. This track is IMO excellent, but had nothing to do whatsoever with the Paris soundtrack.
UPDATED: Misha, 9 Nov 1998

Are you sure that its on the 75th Anniversary CD? My understanding is that it is the Dick Dale rock n' roll soundtrack from DL in Anaheim rather than the orchestral version from DLP, even if the tracklist says >From the Earth to the Moon (or whatever the French translation is). Andre, if I'm wrong please let me know.
I was _bitterly_ disappointed when I read this on radp; I have been trying to get a decent recording of this for ages. Sadly there is no reasonable copy on the web, my feeble attempts at recording it 'live' with a DV camcorder pick up too much track rumble, wind noise and screams.
UPDATED: Robert Rees, 9 Nov 1998

Just to let you know, I got an e-mail from someone who boght the box set and said the track is just Space Mtn at Dland Anaheim. Just an FYI.
CONFIRMED: mark taft, 9 Nov 1998

a very good news! the last time i went to dlp, i wrote to them. i got a nice reply today. the good news is that a cd with many musics from the ride will be released this july!!!
REPORTED: Xavier Mourgue, 29 Jun 1999

The new CD is called "Une Journée à Disneyland Paris" (EDDA010-2). Unfortunately track 18, "Space Mountain", 5:27 long, is NOT the original ride soundtrack but a slower orchestral version of the same theme, which sometimes can be heard in the loading area.
REPORTED: FeLIX, 14 Jul 1999

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