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Vekoma Bankrupt?

Vekoma Files Bankruptcy A spokeperson for Vekoma has stated that if all goes well, Vekoma could be back on itís feet before the end of September. Current records from the company list 10 final orders that will be fullfilled between now and the end of the 2002 season. If the company's restructuring move is approved by the Dutch banks, they will be up and running again as normal very soon.
REPORTED at www.screamscape.com on 7. Sep. 2001

Vekoma Files Bankruptcy The big news this week has come from the Netherlands and Vekoma has been forced to file bankrupcy and lay off it's 200+ work force. New project already set for 2002 such as the Jazzland "SLC" coaster are not in danger it seems, and the company will still be able to make good on their final contracts. In the meantime Vekoma plans to restructure themselves into something smaller where they will be able to continue to make rides. Most of the articles I have been sent were from Europe and translated from a variety of people, but the general indication is that a pending lawsuit from one of Vekoma's primary customers (thought to be Six Flags) caused Vekoma's line of credit to be frozen by the banks, giving them no choice but to file bankrupcy. For a ride company, the debt was not large, $4.5 million Euros which translates to just under $4.1 million US.
REPORTED at www.screamscape.com on 28. Aug. 2001

Rumour: Vekoma bankrupt?
In the forum at www.expedition-ge-force.de I just read that Vekoma is bankrupt. On the Vekoma website they don't say anything about it. Or is it only a rumour?
REPORTED: Matthias on 24. Aug 2001

Vekoma bankrupt!!!!!!
Yes, it's true. The Dutch coasterbuilder is bankrupt. It was on the radio today.
REPORTED: Ron Daniels in rec.roller-coaster on 22. Aug 2001

Re: Vekoma bankrupt!!!!!!
I had heard this morning that the company was going to split into two separate parts. I'd really like to know how true this is! I just got a newsletter from Vekoma a few days ago and everything appeared fine.
REPORTED: Allen Ayers in rec.roller-coaster on 22. Aug 2001

Re: Vekoma bankrupt!!!!!!
This was news last March. I would guess there must be another development. From the Vekoma web site: www.vekoma.com/news/March2001.htm
REPORTED: Robert Ulrich in rec.roller-coaster on 22. Aug 2001

Re: Vekoma bankrupt!!!!!!
Funny that article says nothing about bankruptcy. It states that the company will split into two individual parts to meet the demands of its customers.
I mentions a little about re-organization, like about 50 employees having to find new possitions but nothing about bankruptcy.
REPORTED: Charles Nungester in rec.roller-coaster on 22. Aug 2001

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