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Operation Status
System Condition
Maintenance Report

Operation Status

Current Condition

> state
   Cannon recoil mechanism ..... out of order
   Cannon audio boom ........... working
   Cannon door ................. working
   Cannon gears ................ out of order
   Cannon smoke system ......... out of order

Last Update: 19 Jun 2003 (by Pierre-Bertrand)
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A big THANK YOU to the so far Current Condition reporters (in alphabetical order):
Alan Taff, Bernhard Weigl, bLiNk, David, Chris Nissens, Cindy, Clinton Alvord, Douzy, Francesco, Harald, Mibbi, Nicolas, Paul Gobert, Pierre-Bertrand, Teasy, Til Minet, Torsten Schneider

Maintenance Report

In the Loading Area some lights around the line area are not working.
REPORTED: FeLIX on 10 Aug 2000

SM's roof need really a lot of paint!!!
REPORTED: Tom Morrow on 17 Jul 2000

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