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I prefer to be in my quiet TIE fighter rather than riding this incredible attraction!
Dave Prowse (Darth Vader from Star Wars) after riding Space Mountain in July 1995
found in "Star Wars Insider" #27 Autumn '95 by David G. Ravenswood, 24 May 1999

... and of course it has a loop, sharps turns, goes upside down ... and it is a very exciting one
Cliff Richard after riding Space Mountain in May 1995

We're gonna see it ...
Peter Gabriel asked about his dinner after riding Space Mountain in May 1995

Space Mountain is physically more impressive than a real rocket, because accelerations are more brutal. This attraction could be compared with an aircraft fighter, even though the real sensations from a real rocket are nearer to a Boeing flight.
Buzz Aldrin after riding Space Mountain


I *want* to ride Space Mountain. Wow! I want to experience being *shot* out of a Jules Vernon-ish cannon.
Tggrfn in alt.disney.disneyland on 02/04/1998

Even if you don't like SM in WDW or Anaheim - DON'T MISS SM in DLP!.
Thomas 1000 on 5 Mar 2000 on the DLP Mailing List

... For example, Space Mountain is simply 'out of this world' compared to its cousin at WDW ...
Robet Rees on 5 Mar 2000 on the DLP Mailing List

Oh my god, that is such awesome music. It sounds like the music in Titanic. Damn that's awesome
Spok on ??? in alt.disney.disneyland

Space Mountain is definitely the best ride anywhere in the world! It is that well done that I can not imagine that there ever will be a better ride.
Vanessa on ???

The SM in DLP is much better: faster, better soundtrack, newer and i hold the all time record in rides (47 rides in 1/2 Day, 91 rides in 2 days) and it is inspired by Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon"
ELWOOD in the DLP mailing list on 23 Sep 1999_nn

BTW, just thinking of Space Mountain Paris makes me want to get back there - it totally *rocks*!
Faith in rec.arts.disney.parks on 12 Jul 1999

The SM line can also get long, but at least it is indoors and therefore cool or dry depending on the weather. I also think that the line for SM really builds the tension for first time riders, unlike BTM or IJ which are just tedious.
Robert Rees in rec.arts.disney.parks on 15 Jun 1999

SM is a world class coaster, and can go up against anything for total ride experience.
Steve Frearson in the DLP Mailing list on 27 May 1999

Space Mtn is easily the best attraction in the park. Ride it a couple of times to catch it all. At night, the launch is spectacular- and the view over Discoveryland fantastic!
Mark Taft in the DLP Mailing list on 26 May 1999

(Annotation: The Space Mountain music is also played at the Observatron at WDW) ... and I was able to hear the Observatron music. I didn't know what the heck it was or what you call it but I heard it nevertheless. I notice that some of you are curious as to how it sounds. It is very inspirational and gives you a good feeling all over for some reason when you hear it. It sounds like a bunch of instruments with a futuristic and just pure inspiring sound. I can't really describe it beyond that. [...] You people that haven't heard it yet would be suprised it comes from the current Tomorrowland.
NWC in alt.disney.disneyland on 23 May 1999

Disneyland Paris...their Space Mountain is supposed to be outstanding!!!!
JENinSoCA in alt.disney.disneyland on 13 May 1999

Space Mountain is incredible (my first inversion - If I'm going to go upside down, it's gotta be by Disney :) ) SM had a 45 minute wait... But it was worth it. If you've never been upside-down before, this is the place.
Sam in rec.arts.disney.parks on 15 Mar 1999

The three corkscrews in Space Mountain? Unexpected.
RC in rec.arts.disney.parks on 9 Mar 1999

... and Space Mountain looks fabulous!
Carla in rec.arts.disney.parks on 2 Mar 1999

Space Mountain has to be ridden to be believed - it goes upside down about 3 times and is the most unbelievable ride you will ever experience
Steve Lawrence in alt.disney.disneyland on 2 Mar 1999

Every ride they have is superior to our own version ... Space Mtn alone is probably worth the trip
Kevin Yee in alt.disney.disneyland on 1 Mar 1999

Wow. The theming for this ride is excellent, with a Jules Verne theme and plenty of opportunity to see the cars whizzing around you as you shuffle along in the queue. I knew we would be shot up the ramp, but wasn't quite expecting the force of it. The ride is fantastic, a 360 loop, corkscrew and plenty of time to enjoy it all. We emerged at the end a little shaky on the feet with tears streaming (from the wind).
Laura Chapman in rec.arts.disney.parks on 12 Feb 1999

A real "Must-See" is the Space Mountain. That's an indoor-rollercoaster-ride in the style of Jules Verne's flight to the moon: A great cannon shoots the train into space. It has a very high speed in the nearly dark. You ride through one looping and a long screw (I think only one of both, but you can't really count when riding).
Marcus S. in rec.arts.disney.parks on 30 Jan 1999

Disneyland Paris has their own Space Mtn. that is light years ahead of it's California and Florida counterparts...
Bartender Sam in rec.arts.disney.parks on 20 Jan 1999

DLP Space Mountain is an amazing ride, and although the launch is not LIM or SLM it still delivers a punch!
Steve Frearson in rec.roller-coaster on 17 Jan 1999

But Paris' SM is like a totally different ride all together! It does loops... It shoots you out of a cannon... You have a near-miss collission with an astroid.
Peter Altschuler in rec.arts.disney.parks on 22 Dec 1998

I do give Paris the nod for the best Space mountain. I was there in July '96. (Went to Disney World in Jan '97-theirs is boring in my opinion). Terrific job Imagineering!!!
Brian in Southern California in the DLP Mailing list on 5 Feb 1998

The best Disney-Ride is Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris!
FPHOL in rec.parks.theme on 23 Jul 1996

... I found this Space Mountain to be the absolute, hands down, best of any Disney thrill ride, ever. I didn't think that anything would beat Tower of Terror in my book, but when that train shot into the darkness at 50 mph., there was no doubt in my mind.
mobri on 11 Apr 96

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