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BBC Documentary "Shoot for the Moon"

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General Information

In 1995 the BBC made a documentary about the creation of Space Mountain, called "Shoot For The Moon". It was a fascinating 44 minute programme, following Tim Delaney and his team in bringing Jules Vernes' "From The Earth To The Moon" book to life.

The report shows the whole development of the attraction, from conception, over contruction up to testing and fine tuning the final attraction. Of course also problems during this process arise ...

The documentary was orignally broadcast on BBC2, but was also aired on other channels in many different countries.

Online Video

Shoot for the Moon, BBC version
Size: 192x144 pixels. File format: Windows Media Video 9.
shootforthemoon.wmv [44:10, 18.6MB]
Encoded and provided by Alan Taff


English Script
Script of the original version, audio-copied and described in an enhanced version by Nico Segers: Shoot for the Moon
Transcribed by Nico Segers

German Script
Here is a transcript of the German dubbed version, aired on RTL, called "Den Sternen so nah".
Transcribed by FeLIX

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