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    Documentary "Shoot for the Moon"
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Documentary "Shoot for the Moon"

Have a look at this extra page for a lot of information around the documentary "Shoot for the Moon" about the conception and construction of Space Mountain!


We first went to dlp in March 1993 - just before its first birthday. Discoveryland appeared to have hardly anything at that time and wasn't very crowded either. The shell of space mountain was already there, looking much as it does now but without the landing stage area, or much of the finer decoration. I thought it was a restaurant and walked inside!! It was fairly dark and a number of workmen were arc welding, but not much else. I turned round a walked out again, little knowing that it would become one of the best rides at DLP.

Reported by John McCabe, 13 Sep 1999

My family and I also went in 1993 and I think I remember a construction sign in Discoveryland mentioning that at this place (where now Space Mountain is) they would build a new restaurant...

Reported by Tobias Schulz, 14 Sep 1999

Restaurant in the Mountain?

At the very beginning it was intended to have a restaurant with view into the mountain at the back (to Star Tours) built to Space Mountain. That would have been great! But it's been cancelled ...

Well, the restaurant should have been at that place where in the meantime the exit of the walk-through is located, the exit towards Cinemagique. Furthermore there should have been a walkthrough bridge between Space Mountain and Videopolis. (can be seen in the pictures smconcept.jpg and smdlpmap.jpg). On-site you can see the planned connection at Videopolis: These round Tubes which look like turbines, located behind the "DLP Broadcasting Room" upstairs in Videopolis.

Reported by Miro Gronau, 18 Jun 1999


Desert-like building site

provided by Nicolas

Details of construction

Look at the tracks inside the building!

Hoarding around the building site

with "Discovery Mountain" sign

At the Space Mountain Homepage

walls still open and roof unhatched

At the Space Mountain Homepage

provided by Alan Taff

Assembly of the cannon

Pictures provided by Alan Taff

Welding of the track tubes

Tim Delaney checking the details ...

"The cannon looks too clean!"

Disappointed Tim Delaney after seeing the real cannon for the first time

Putting the last finishing touch on the cannon

Tim Delaney and other Imagineers

standing on top of Space Mountain, overviewing their masterpiece

provided by Alan Taff

cannon and roof under construction

pictures (c) by André Willey

Construction Completed

Space Mountain in autumn 1994. The banner on the Announcement "Opening Summer 1995"

Photo by Marcel de Neidels

Facts & Figures

Space Mountain doesn't belong to DLP!
Space Mountain doesn't belong to DLP - they rent it from WDI.
Walt Disney Co. owns WDI, but DLP is operated by Euro Disney SCA - not a fully owned Disney company.
The ride is not a Vekoma ride. The ride is a Walt Disney Imagineering ride. Vekoma were only employed as a structural engineering contractor to produce the steel track and supports. All of the design work, ride integration, control system, show building and show elements are all WDI. This relationship is exactly the same as Phantom manor and Big Thunder - all WDI attractions, but many contractors provide elements, such as Vekoma for the track.
Currently, Vekoma also provide a warranty on the track and supports.
When SM was constructed, DLP were not in a position to purchase a ride of this expense. However, it was determined that a major ride was one of the only ways of saving DLP future. So a package was negotiated where WDI would produce the new ride and lease its use to DLP. There was a similar practise at WDW with the new Rock n RollerCoaster. This ride belonged to WDI for about a year during its construction, and was not owned by WDW even though it was being built on their land. WDI signed RnR over to WDW late June 99.
REPORTED: Steve Frearson, 5 Aug 1999

Construction started	January 1993
Construction completed	September 1994
Grand Opening		June 1st, 1995
Designed by		Walt Disney Imagineering
Ride Fabrication	Vekoma (the Netherlands)
Total costs		600 Mio. FF = 90 Mio. US$
Visit the offical Vekoma site at www.vekoma.com. It's strange in the ride overview no Disney attraction is listed, although there are some (Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor)
VEKOMA's address: Vekoma Rides and Manufacturing B.V., Schaapweg 18, 6063 BA Vlodrop, The Netherlands

Read more interesting facts about VEKOMA at www.thrillride.com (no longer available)

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