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Elton John Concert

Elton John in Concert
Elton John will be performing a special concert on the green outside the Newport Bay Club on Saturday the 3rd of June to celebrate the opening of Space Mountain. 40,000 tickets are going to be made available, but I don't know the prices yet. If you're planning on visiting the park that weekend, book quickly as all of the on-site hotels & campsite cabins (except for the Disneyland Hotel) are already completely SOLD OUT - and those last few rooms at the Disneyland won't last for long!
Reported by André Willey, 1.4.95

"Space Mountain à Disneyland Paris présente Elton John"
Elton John's current European tour is being sponsored by Disneyland Paris, with the official tour title being: "Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris Presents Elton John". Elton John commented, "I am clearly delighted to continue my great relationship with Disney by my association with Disneyland Paris". The picture shows Philippe Bourguignon and Elton John.
Reported by André Willey, 12.6.95

Pictures from the concert
Here are two little photos from the Elton John Concert on 3.6.1995. You can see the Hotel Newport Bay Club and the Buena Vista Lake in the background.
Photos found at the Disneyland Pascal Pages

About the Concert
It was raining the whole evening!!! My father and I we were lucky having a room in the Newport Bay Club with a balcony facing towards the event site, so we could even watch the stage while staying dry :-) For the opening of the concert they played the whole Space Mountain ride soundtrack and I regretted later having not taped it with my camcorder ...
Reported by Miro Gronau, 16.6.1999

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