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Space Festival / Festival de l'Espace

Now that Space Mountain is firing on all cylinders, what does the future hold for us? There's another launch: the launch of the Space Festival!
What makes people want to visit Disneyland Paris? After all, we can't open a monster-sized attraction like Space Mountain every year! But, as they say, there are no problems, only challenges... Consequently, from 26th August to 5th November, the Space Festival will transform Discoveryland into a veritable space station. The accent will be on the conquest of Space, and particularly on man's first step on the moon. It will be a unique opportunity to discover, even to touch, some pieces of history, either the original articles or perfect reproductions from space missions. To name just two examples, there will be a life size (9 metre) replica of an Apollo space module, plus a lunar vehicle similar to the one used on the moon.
During the Festival, naturally, the show will go on. Videopolis will vibrate to the sound of Rock Shock, while characters from the future (e.g. R2D2 and C3P0) or the present (e.g. Mickey and Donald, but dressed on space suits, of course!) wander round Discoveryland. Enjoyment for everyone, from the kids who were born in the space age to the adults who are still marvelling at these feats. The Space Festival will be followed by the Christmas season from mid November, and the Fairytale Festival from January to April 1996. May the force continue to be with these who give our guests the chance to dream!
by S.D. (published in "En Coulisse", the DLP-Cast Member newspaper)

Space Festival
Throughout Autumn 1995, various Space Festival special attractions will tie in with the Space Mountain theme. Videopolis displays will include "Touch the Moon" (enabling guests to touch actual lunar rocks), space garb from various missions, a 13x13 metre replica of an R.E.S. satellite and a Lunar Module that, via virtual reality, will allow guests to experience what it feels like to walk on the moon. Space-suited Disney characters, along with R2D2 and C3PO, will be around to welcome riders to Space Mountain, and David Halliday's otherworldly music will feature in the Rock Shock musical show.
Reported by André Willey, 12.6.1995

Space Festival Update
The Autumn 1995 "Space Festival" attraction, which tied in with the Space Mountain opening, has been extended until June 1996 and is now housed in a backstage storage area, accessed between Space Mountain and Captain EO, under the railroad.
Reported by André Willey, 1.2.1996

Mickey Mouse auf Weltraumkurs
Im Disneyland Paris dreht sich fast alles um die Raumfahrt
Bis 5. November 1995 steht das Discoveryland im Disneyland Paris ganz im Zeichen der interaktiven Weltraumforschung: Gemeinsam mit den Original-Robotern aus dem Science-Fiction-Klassiker von George Lucas "Der Krieg der Sterne" können Besucher Raumfahrt hautnah und zum Anfassen erleben. Zahlreiche Original-Modelle sind zugänglich. Technischer Höhepunkt ist eine Direktschaltung aus der russichen MIR-Station am 7. Oktober 1995 im Café Videopolis im Discoveryland des Freizeitparks. Das Space-Festival dokumentiert im Rahmen einer Ausstellung die großen Etappen der Weltraum-Forschung.
- Live-Erlebnis -
Im Discoveryland stehen - im futuristisch, astrologischem Ambiente - Original-Exponate der amerikanischen Mission Apollo, des russischen MIR- und Soyuz-Programmes sowie der europäischen ESA aus. Live zu erleben sind zum Beispiel Kommandokapsel der Apollo, Wohnkojen der Voskhod, ferngesteuerte Lunukhod-Roboter, die amerikanische Mercury-Kapsel, und amerikanische Mondfahrzeuge, Aber auch Dinge des täglichen Lebens wie Schlafsäcke, Mond- und Weltraumkarten, Notverpflegung etc. der Astronauten.
Found in a German newspaper by FeLIX


Opening TV Report
Report on German TV channel SuperRTL about the opening of Space Mountain and the Space Festival.
disneynews.mpg [0:40 MPEG1 827kB]
Captured from SuperRTL by FeLIX

Space Festival Promotion
McDonald's promoted the "Space Festival" with these place mats showing interesting conceptual paintings of Space Mountain.
Scanned by FeLIX

Discover the Moon
This sign used to lead guests exiting from Space Mountain to the Space Festival exhibition. It is still standing (therefore its no longer mint condition) between the loading area and the cannon!
Photo by FeLIX

Apollo 11
This Apollo 11 Lunar Module model (?) was located at the Discoveryland entrance during the Space Festival.
Photo by FeLIX, 1.7.1995

Logo of the Festival

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