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March 2006

New Constellations for Discoveryland

In a bit more than three weeks the previews of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast for Annual Passport Dream holders will beginn - and the crews are already adding the finishing touches to the exterior of the ride. The marquee seems nearly finished in the meantime, since red laser beams criss-crossing its structure have been added as well as two little green aliens in a waving posture on the sides of the structure. In fact even the lettering / the actual sign with the attraction name has been uncovered already! Also the outdoor queuing area has been set up behind the construction walls and a large mural been install in place of the original Timekeeper mural to the right of the building, next to the Videopolis.

Work seems also nearly finished at the shop next to the ride. Interestingly it seems that the management has decided to retain its original name "Constellations". At least that is indicated by the new signs that have been added which feature the name - just with a silhouette of Buzz instead of Mickey. A surprising decision since the interior has been all decked out in a Toy Story color scheme with according decorations on the carpets, walls and displays. In fact the great paintings of the disney-fied constellations on the ceiling, which tied the themeing of the shop its original name, have been covered up. Also worth noting: the first merchandise featuring the new ride's name is already one sale, including t-shirts, backpacks and other items.

Reported by Joel & DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 2.3.2006

Commemorating Plaque Missing

Fans may also notice that the plaque commemorating the great visionairs on whose stories the original Discoveryland was based as well as the flanking decorations have been removed from the planting area opposite of Constellations. It is not known whether this is a permanent change related to the arrival of Buzz, but the plaque had been refurbished only last year ...

Reported by Joel & DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 2.3.2006

February 2006

Lasers Ready? Preview Time!

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is waiting for the Annual Passport Holders. If you have a Dream pass you are invited to be among the first to grab your lasers and help Buzz in defeating evil Emperor Zurg. The ride will be open for a preview on Saturday 25th March and Sunday 26 March from 9:00 until 12:00 and Wednesday 29 March, this time from 14:00 until 20:00. Wednesday is also considered the final testing day of the attraction and, although a preview for Dream pass holders, could be interrupted or stopped completely to take care of last minutes corrections before the 8 April big opening premiere.

There is no need to make reservations, the only thing Dream pass holders have to do is turn up and present there annual pass and they, together with one invite per pass, will be able to ride the new Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast attraction.

The information on the preview can be found on the official website, however, at this time, the invitation is only visible on the French version of the website.

Reported by Disneyland Resort Paris & DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 21.2.2006

Dumper Trucks and Lasers

[...] Inside the park we witness another change at the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride. This time a little more of the entrance has been revealed. Red Laser beams have been painted on top of a black, covered with stars, background. All that needs to be revealed now is the sign hidden underneath the protecting wrapper.

Reported by DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 14.2.2006

Ready, Steady, BUZZ!

Castmembers and Disney management were among the first to test ride Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast in the last few days at Disneyland Paris. Now everything seems to be ready for the grand opening on April 8 - only a few last minute preperations are needed. Still shareholders and Annual Passport holders have to wait for their are opportunity to test the ride themselves - so far no dates have been made public.

To help shorten the wait shareholders werre treated to a first look inside the ride during the general shareholders' meeting on February 10 as a short movie was presented presumbly showing the interior of the Paris' version. Shareholders could witness as one of the lasers was fired on a target on the ride resulting in an increase of the score as displayed on the ride vehicles. In addition a trailer for the ride was presented. And for the "grand finale" of the presentation an Imagineer was interviewed in front of the huge score board near the future exit.

Castmembers who were able to test the ride seemed to have had a lot of fun and enthusiastically shared their stories with guests in private conversations. There is a lot to look forward to, especially since Paris recieved the improved ride vehicles, which different from the first incarnation of the ride in Walt Disney World allow guests to move their lasers guns freely around, holding them in their hand - opening a whole new range of possibilities. Now, while the vehicle is turning one way, the guest can still point the oposite way and try to shoot a target, or even go to shot targets above their heads. Certainly on-ride pictures will be available in the exit area to commemorate the exciting experience - a must for every true fan of the ride, since the photos will include the personal score of the guest, such functioning as proof of the performance.

Reported by DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 14.2.2006

Buzz has arrived!

Reliable sources have confirmed that Buzz Lightyear in person has arrived in Discoveryland - in the form of a huge three-dimensional model "hovering" above the future main entrance, at least the size of the rarely seen walk-around character, if not even larger. No sign so far, whether the model will actually move.

Behind the construction fence work continues beneath Buzz Lightyear as well. A new ramp has been installed, indicating that the board and / or unboarding will take place on a slightly elevated level from the current ground.

Reported by Torsten, Christian & DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 3.2.2006

January 2006

Too HOT for Buzz

Will Buzz Laser Blast become the new HOT ride at Disneyland Resort Paris? We will have to wait until 8th April before we know the answer to that.

But 3 days ago and yesterday it did get a little to hot for Buzz. 2 possible fires took place at the backstage area of the Videopolis building. Both started accidentally, most probably, by the use of blowtorches and welding materials used during the work on the attraction. The Disney Firemen responded fast and made sure Buzz and his friends where save. No major damage to the Buzz Lightyear attraction has been reported and the opening of the ride can go on as planned.

Reported by Mr Entertainment & DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 24.1.2006

Buzz about Buzz

February 7 - the mini-website about the upcoming Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast attraction of Discoveryland will go online;

March - the Shareholders' Club will announce details for the exclusive pre-opening preview of the ride for its members;

April 8 - the ride will open to the general public!

Sounds like a tight schedule - it sure is ... and accordingly most of the work is now already going on inside the building, outside the prying eyes of guests. But for the first time since a steel-structure of back then unknown use popped up in front of the building around New Year there is some visible progress to report!

This weekend the steel-structure got fleshed out a bit and is now recognizable as a future entrance area of the ride with a new roof extending in front of the building in the former walkway. Peeking out behind the star and advertising embelished construction fence is the new structure which already sports two satellite-dishes. The main marquee has not yet arrived though.

Reported by Xavier & DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 22.1.2006

Magic it again!

Disneyland Resort Paris has started their "Magic Unlimited Season" where guests cannot only ride their favorite ride once, but can stay seated to ride it again. This offer can be used on selected rides in Disneyland. The Magic Unlimited season started at 9 January and will go on until 3 February, although at this time, it is also advertised under March in the online Disneyland Resort Paris website calendar.

During the Magic Unlimited season not only rides will get the "Ride as many times you want in a Row" treatment but some of the selected restaurant offer guest an unlimited buffet and unlimited drinks, for one set price, too.

The list of the attractions that participate in Magic Unlimited; Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril, Star Tours, Space Mountain: Mission 2, It's A Small World, Le Carrousel de Lancelot, Mat Hatter's Tea Cups, Flying Carpets Over Agrabah, Studio Tram Tour, Rock'n'Roller Coaster.

And the restaurants are; L'Auberge de Cendrillon, Rendez-Vous des Stars.

Reported by Disneyland Resort Paris, Joel & DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 11.1.2006

Version One or Two?

Buzz lightyear AstroBlaster, Tower of Terror and Toon Studios are all being build or prepared at Disneyland Resort Paris. There is no news on any other attractions once these are in place. But rumors can never be stopped and gives the Disney fan something to dream or talk about. Sometimes the rumor needs to come all the way from across the ocean and who knows, this rumor might affect our Magic Kingdom in the future.

At Disneyland in Anaheim California a lot of changes are being done to the first gate. Especially Tomorrowland will see many changes. Rockit Mountain, the night time version of Space Mountain, will open soon, The Sub Lagoon construction is making progress and Disney is now looking at how to update the rest of Tomorrowland. Since the works done and taking place in Tomorrowland at Disneyland two rumors have returned.

The first rumor is the Star Tours II project, where even George Lucas would have mentioned he is looking into updating this ride. The news around the new Star Tours movie was very quiet for a long time but it looks like this one might finally be done and might find a new home in Anaheim some time soon. Another attraction that might see another movie replaced is Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (HISTA).

Producing two new on ride movies for existing attractions is cost effective. Saving costs on a whole new ride system, but still able to present the outside world with two "new" attractions will give them extra publicity and will have guests returning to enjoy the updated versions. Once the movies are taped and presented at Disneyland Anaheim it is easy to install the new versions at other locations in the world. WDW, Tokyo, but also Disneyland Resort Paris could benefit from the updated version without major costs involved that normally comes automatically when building new attractions. Could it be that Disneyland Resort Paris will take this road and will add the updated movie to their existing attractions? The rumors floating around regarding the update in Anaheim will for sure bring some rumors our way when it comes to new rides and attractions in Disneyland Resort Paris. At this time they are only rumors and nothing solid ... HISTA II and Star Tours II next to Space Mountain II turning our Discoveryland in, Discoveryland II. Will this be the attractions coming our way?

Reported by Screamscape & DLP.info-Team at DLP Guidebook, 3.1.2006

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year and all the best for 2006! Be prepared for interesting Space Mountain News and site updates. Prepare for blast-off ...

Reported by FeLIX, 1. Jan 2006

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