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December 2001

Site Update
  • Nico Segers has created an very elaborated script of the English version of the Space Mountain documentary "Shot for the moon": Shot for the Moon

November 2001

Site Update

October 2001

Site Updates
  • Two old concept pictures of Discovery Mountain and Discoveryland have been added to the Conception page. Futhermore the Conception page has been split into several subpages.
  • Pictures of the Space Mountain wool jacket have been found finally at eBay.com. What a coincidence: The jacket was offered at eBay by a person living in Baltimore ...
  • Slightly updated news in the Vekoma rumours
  • Many new desktop backgrounds have been added to the Desktop Backgrounds section!

September 2001

August 2001

Site Updates
  • Desktop Backgrounds: new page with Space Mountain themed background images for your desktop.
  • Merchandise: Updated availability of items and many new additions and lots of pictures added to already existing entries. Finally a picture of the Cast Member Opening button was found at eBay!
  • Light Speed Photography: Updated prices, new photos and pictures of all available frames.
  • Condition: Updated Space Mountain condition.
  • Rumours: Interesting rumour about Vekoma.

July 2001

Site Updates

June 2001

May 2001

Site Updates

January 2001

Site Updates
  • HTML code corrected so that the pages can be viewed with Netscape 6.0
  • Construction: Link to offical Vekoma site added

Older News

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