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December 2002

August 2002

Site Update
  • Flier of the Space Mountain Participant Preview Days found at ebay.com: Inauguration
  • New patent found dealing with the Space Mountain onboard sound system: Space Mountain Trains
  • Space Mountain patent information (FastPass, Sound System) linked to documents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Did you ever notice? There are spoken warning spiels also in the loading area, but hard to notice because of the usual noise level: Space Mountain Loading Area
  • Updated links in on the Links page
  • New special page about the Space Festival
  • New special page about the Elton John Concert
  • New brochure from SM's opening and more icons for other items at the Promotion page

July 2002

Site Update
  • Completely new page about the Travel Channel TV report "Inside Disneyland Paris" which reveals some secrets about Space Mountain: Inside DLP
  • Finally a picture of the blue safety sign in the Starway (right before the Electro de Velocitor has been added to the Starway page.
  • Re-structured and extended FastPass pages: Lots of rumours, pictures and information from the earliest construction phase.
  • One more Discovery Mountain logo found on the side of the dispatch panel!
  • Some broken links and Hall of Fame form fixed
  • Links to audio and video files clearly marked with icons

May 2002

Site Update

March 2002

Site Update
  • The Links page has been updated and corrected
  • New items on the Merchandise page: Many thanks to Cast Member Nienke for pictures of the Space Mountain Rain Jacket (which is for sale if some fan would offer enough money :-) Just contact me ...). Furthermore there is finally a picture of the Space Mountain Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt owned by Richele Nijst!

January 2002

Site Update
  • Check out a new page about the former name of Space Mountain, "Discovery Mountain", and references thoughout the attraction: Discovery Mountain
  • Here's an excerpt from the book "Once Upon an American Dream - The Story of Euro Disneyland" (see also literature page) concerning the development of Space Mountain.
  • Space Mountain Promotion: Check out a box of Nestlé Cini Minis featuring a Discoveryland themed back, available in 2000.

Older News

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