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Disneyland Resort Paris Calendar 2006

(EUR 7,50)

Available in 2005

Disneyland Resort Paris Calendar 2005

The November sheet of the 2005 Disneyland Resort Paris Calendar shows a cropped picture of Space Mountain with the Columbiad Cannon dominating the picture shining in the evening sun. (EUR 7,50)

Available in 2004/2005

Disneyland Resort Paris Calendar 2004

The May sheet of the 2004 Disneyland Resort Paris Calendar shows two pictures: The left one is an indoor picture of the Rock'n'Roller Coaster, the left one is a photo of Space Mountain, featuring the Columbiad cannon from behind. (EUR ???)

Available in 2003/2004

Disneyland Resort Paris Calendar 2003

The 2003 DLRP calendar features six Walt Disney Studios photos and six Disneyland Park photos. The picture for November is the same Space Mountain photography as used for the 2000 calendar, but without the crystal ball design and Tinkerbell. Some small text at the right top says "Atteindre les étoiles avec Space Mountain" (Reaching the stars with Space Mountain).

Available in 2002/2003

Disneyland Paris Calendar 2002

Promotional Space Mountain picture of a rocket train and meteorite on the February sheet in the crystal ball design.

Available in 2001/2002

Disneyland Paris Calendar 2000

Space Mountain at night with Tinkerbell flying out of the Columbiad Cannon on the May sheet. The whole picture is in this crystal ball design used throughout the calendar.

Available in 1999/2000

Disneyland Paris Calendar 1999

The April sheet shows a Columbiad Cannon close-up with Mickey, Goofy and Donald overlaid as comic charactes.

The September sheet shows Nautilus in front of the Space Mountain Loading Area.

Available in 1998/1999

Disneyland Paris Calendar 1997

May sheet: Nightshot of Space Mountain with overlaid Buzz Lightyear in front.

Available in 1996/1997

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