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SMM2 FM Radio

Combined FM radio and flash light. Available as surprise in menu enfant.

Available in 2005

SMM2 Mug

Black mug, showing Minnie Mouse in astronaut suit and SMM2 supernova logo, including 80cl soda. (EUR 6,90)

Available in 2005

SMM2 "Fusée Souvenir"

Transparent blue rocket shaped mug with straw, showing Goofy and SMM2 supernova logo, including 80cl soda. (EUR 6,90)

Available in 2005

Space Mountain Toy Model

Actually this Space Mountain model is not the Paris version but the white dome from Disneyland Anaheim and Walt Disney World. Seen at Constellations and Star Traders. (EUR 19,90)

Available in 2005

SMM2 Luggage Badge

(EUR ???)

Available in 2005

SMM2 Mouse Pad (?)

Features Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto in astronaut suits. (EUR 3,90)

Available in 2005

Disneyland Resort Paris Bath Towel

Among other park landmarks it features Space Mountain. Seen at Constellations.

Available in 2005

Les Musiques de Disneyland Resort Paris

This book features the following scores (piano - voice - guitar) of famous park music: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Dancin' a Catchy Rhythm, Main Street Electrical Parade, Waltz of the Flowers Medley, Grim Grinning Ghosts, La Ballade de Davy Crockett, Winter Hoedown, Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me), It's A Small World, Space Mountain. The book is published by Hal Leonard. (EUR 22,00)

Available since 2004

Miscellaneous items with Magic Kingdom Rendering

Miscellaneous items are available showing a rendering of Disneyland Park featuring Big Thunder Mountain, the Sleeping Beauty Castle and Space Mountain, surrounded by Disney characters Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Tinkerbell, Donald and Daisy. The items include place mats, postcards and framed pictures.

Available since 2004

Medaille Discoveryland - Discoveryland Medal

The medal shows Mickey as an astronaut in front of Space Mountain. There's also a small spaceship looking like the ones from Orbitron. The text on this side of the medal says "Discoveryland - Disneyland Resort Paris - (c) Disney". On the rear side it says "Collection Nationale - Edition Limitée - 2004 - Limited Edition - Médaille Officielle".

Available since 2004

New Discoveryland Floaty Pen

Nautilus against Space Mountain exterior, night scene, Mickey and Minnie in medieval costumes in foreground. On the back it says "Disneyland Resort Paris" and "(c) Disney". (EUR ???)

Description from The Floaty Pen Page

Archer Sculpture "Diana - Goddess of the Hunt"

Although its from Fantasia, this archer sculpture is resembles the same goddess that's shown on the Columbiad Cannon.

"Diana grasps the new moon as if it were a bow and fires a comet that scatters stars. The stars fall into their places in the night sky. One of the most well-remembered scenes from the movie that established Walt Disney's career, Fantasia (1940), this sculpture is available only through 2001 Walt Disney Classics Collection Gold Circle Dealers, and bears a special 2001 Gold Circle backstamp. This fine sculpture is a numbered limited edition of 1,940, in honor of the year the film was released." (EUR 795)

Available in 2004

Small Chocolate Bars

Set of 9 chocolate bars, with different DLP pictures. One of them is night shot of Space Mountain. (FFr 35)

Available since 2001

Miscellaneous items with DLP Collage

There are lots of new merchandise items available at DLP featuring a panorama collage of DLP. In the picture you can see key elements of every land. Space Mountain and one Orbitron rocket represent Discoveryland. The following items are available: Painting, Puzzle, Mug, Photo Album, Candies, Chocolate Bar (there may be some more)

Available since 2001

Picture Cube

A puzzle set of 8 wooden cubes with parts of six different DLP pictures on every cube side. One of these images shows Space Mountain.

Available in 2002

Discoveryland Floaty Pen

Dark blue with Space Mountain in the back and a moving (!) Nautilus in front.

Picture provided by Cindy

Space Mountain Notepad

Nice Space Mountain artwork.

Space Mountain Mug

White & dark blue with shooting stars and Space Mountain logo. (FFr 35)

Space Mountain Key Chain

Transparent plastic, round, with Space Mountain logo. (FFr 15)

Picture provided by Cindy

Space Mountain Pen

Dark blue with Space Mountain logo. (FFr 30)

Space Mountain Pen

Silver pen with Space Mountain logo. (FFr 30)

Picture provided by Cindy

Space Mountain "Gobelet Souvenir"

White & blue plastic cup with straw. silver stars and Space Mountain motif. (FFr 19)

Available only in 1995

Space Mountain Wallet

Blue with Space Mountain Logo

Space Mountain Backpack

Dark blue rucksack with Space Mountain logo.

Last seen in 2000 at Disney Outlet Store in Troyes

Space Mountain Pencil Case

Dark blue with green zipper and Space Mountain logo.

Picture found at Disneyland Pascal Pages

McDonald's Happy Meal

Five DLP lands with their major attractions as puzzle pieces available with Happy Meals at McDonald's. Watch the little Space Mountain in Discoveryland!

Available in 1997 at McDonald's

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