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Space Mountain: Mission 2 Pin

Released for the reopening of Space Mountain in DLRP on 9th April 2005. This pin looks like a badge and is very shiny. It has 2 pinposts on each side of the DLRP logo. Limited Edition: 1200 Pins. SKU Number: 2-094010-050689. (EUR 6,00)

Back of the pin says: OPENING APRIL 9, 2005, édition limitée xxxx/1200, Disneyland Resort Paris

More information: www.pinpics.com. (EUR 6,00)

Picture from www.pinpics.com. Available only shortly after releasing.

New Space Mountain Pin

New version of the Space mountain pin from DLRP. More than twice as large as the old one. It's written Disneyland Resort Paris on the front of it. Size all 7x5 centimeters. SKU number: 0000186001754. Released: June 2003. More information: www.pinpics.com. (EUR 6,00)

Picture from www.pinpics.com. Available in 2003-2004

New Disneyland Pin

Same pin as below but with "Disneyland Park" in the banner. Back: Disneyland Resort Paris, (c) Disney. SKU number: 2032110010608. Released: April 2003. More information: www.pinpics.com. (EUR 8,50)

Pin scanned by FeLIX. Available since 2003

Disneyland Pin

Shows Mickey next to all the icons of the Disneyland Paris Lands in the Park. Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Castle, and the Jolly Roger. (C) Disneyland Paris on the back. The pin is actually called Parkland. Pin measures 3" across x 1.5" high. SKU Number: 2032110010608. Released: October 6, 2001. (EUR 8,99 FFr 59). More information: www.pinpics.com. (EUR 8,50)

Picture from www.pinpics.com. Availbable 2001-2003

Space Mountain Pin

The pin shows Space Mountain in Paris from a side view. The rocket launcher runs up the ride side of the pin, and a rocket appears to be blasting off into space above. Beyond the sace (stars, planets, etc.) there is a red half circle; inside it reads "De La Terre a La Lune". Beneath the picture it says "Space Mountain" and below that, "Disneyland Paris". SKU number: 0000186001754. More information: www.pinpics.com. (FFr 39 / EUR 5,95)

Pin scanned by FeLIX

Space Mountain Name tag

This is a clasp style pin seems like a mickey's ears name tag. This is a souvenir from the attraction Space Mountain in Discoveryland. Silver with blue Space Mountain graphic and your name engraved. The pin was available only in 2000 in all hotels. Engraving was actually done at the Hotel Cheyenne. More information: www.pinpics.com.

Picture provided by Cindy.

Sponsor Space Mountain Pin

Text: "De la terre a la lune - Space Mountain - Disneyland Paris - McDonald's - Coca Cola". width: 5cm, height: 5.75cm

Found at www.eBay.com

Euro Disney Space Mountain Grand Opening Pin

Big brass tone metal pin featuring the ED Space Mountain attraction in relief. A disc representing the moon is on top, and on its edge one can read "De la Terre à la Lune" (From the Earth to the Moon). Partially hiding the moon, SM stands below, the Columbiad firing a space ship. A banner says "Space Mountain". The date of the event "31 mai 1995" is engraved below on a flat square space where the name of its owner, the so-called "astronaute" was manually written.
This pin was given to winners of contests organized throughout Europe, who formed "national space travellers teams" who could experience the ride this day along with stars and tell their impressions in front of cameras so as to promote the brand new attraction.
Limited Edition. Released: May, 31th 1995. More information: www.pinpics.com.

Picture from www.pinpics.com

Cast Member Button

This button was given to cast members for gift the days before the great opening of the attraction Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris. It features the Space Mountain logo and the text "Entrez dans la légende - Juin 1995" ("Be part of the legend - June 1995"). Released: May 1995. More information: www.pinpics.com.

Found at www.eBay.com

UK Cast Member Button

This button was worn by Cast members in the UK Disney stores to promote the opening of the Space Mountain ride at DLP. It has the space mountain logo on it. More information: www.pinpics.com.

Picture from www.pinpics.com

Added Capacity Program - Space Mountain Pin

In 1995, just three years after the opening of EuroDisney, there were so many people attending the Park that it had to be expanded. New attractions were added to the park.

This set was given to the members of the Project Team, those Walt Disney Imagineers who actually worked to expand the Disneyland Paris park.

Inside the lovely blond-wood case, the ten pins are mounted into a glossy-stock reproduction of a color painting of the Disneyland Paris Park. The case measures approximately 9" x 6". It swings open and closed with two golden hinges, and has a golden swinging hook-and-ball clasp. A white cardboard protective sleeve, with the same printed images as the wooden case, covers the case to protect it from harm.

On the top of the wooden case, along with images of the ten pins, one can read:

"In Appreciation of Your Efforts ...
'Boundaries expanded - New Dreams Realized'
... On the Added Capacity Program
Disneyland Paris 1995"

The box and all the pins are stamped "(c) Disney" and "made in Taiwan"

Pictures from www.pinpics.com

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