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Shape Postcard "Magic Kingdom"
Round shaped postcard showing a rendering of Disneyland Park featuring Big Thunder Mountain, the Sleeping Beauty Castle and Space Mountain, surrounded by Disney characters Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Tinkerbell, Donald and Daisy. (EUR 2,00)
Available since 2004

Postcard "Space Mountain"
Standard Space Mountain photo with overlaid comic characters. Goofy in a drawn Space Mountain train being shot out of the cannon plus a hitchhiking alien sitting on an asteroid wanting to Mars. The reverse features the same motive in a black/white high-key version plus the following text: "Disneyland Resort Paris - Space Mountain, de la Terre la Lune - (c) Disney - Made in France" + (EUR ###)

Postcard "Discoveryland"
This postcards shows the following Discoveryland attractions: Space Mountain, Innoventions, Nautilus, Orbitron. The front side also features the Disneyland Resort Paris logo and a Mickey head shaped hole. The reverse has a black/white high-key picture of Space Mountain plus the following text: "Disneyland Resort Paris - Discoveryland - (c) Disney - Made in France". (EUR ###)

Shape Postcard "Space Mountain"
23cm long (!) with nightshot of Space Mountain.

Postcard "Discoveryland"
Postcard shows pictures of Buzz Lightyear, Hyperion, Space Mountain and Orbitron. (FFr 3)

Postcard "Les Mysteres de Nautilus"
Nautilus in front of the Space Mountain loading area. (FFr 3)

Postcard "Space Mountain"
Wonderful night shot of Space Mountain. (FFr 3)

DLP Leporello
This postcard is part of a leporello of 9 cards. (EUR 3,80 / FFr 25)

Postcard "Space Mountain"
Four exterior views of building and cannon on one card. (FFr 3)

Postcard "Space Mountain"
Nightshot of Space Mountain. (FFr 3)

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