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Space Mountain Watch
This is yet another Space Mountain watch, most likely a smaller model for children.
Found at eBay.de on 5.1.2002

Space Mountain Watch A
This watch is probably still available at Disney Clothiers Ltd. on Mainstreet USA. The left picture shows the box the watch came with.
Scanned and offered at www.eBay.com by Robb Alvey

Space Mountain Watch B
It looks like the actual attraction on the outside. The band is coordinated with the face and has the Disneyland Paris logo on the buckle.
Left watch scanned and offered at www.eBay.com by Robb Alvey. Last seen: Star Traders 1999.

Cast Member Watch
Dark blue, plastic, with Space Mountain logo and "June 1995". Looks similar to Space Mountain Watch B (see above).
The picture shows a watch offered at eBay.de where the seller claims that it's not the model from the shops but a limited edition. Difference to the other watch: white arms.
Found at www.eBay.de, 22.6.2002

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