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Future Space Traveller / Diplome de Passager du Futur
If you are under 1m40 (= 4'7") you can get this diploma which enables you to ride Space Mountain without any waiting time on your next visit when you are tall enough
provided by Nicolas

Ce certificat te reconnait comme futur passager de "Space Mountain, de la Terre à la Lune", une fois que tu auras atteint la taille exigée d'un mètre quarante (1m40) pour participer à l'aventure de "Space Mountain" (le Mont de l'Espace), toi et deux adultes pourrait accéder à l'attraction en passant devant la file d'attente. Ce certificat est daté du ___ de l'année ___

Signé J. Barbicane
Président du "Gun Club" de Baltimore.
This certificate hereby recognizes you as a future "Space Traveller". Upon reaching the minimum height requirement of one metre forty centimetres (1m40) to ride "Space Mountain, From the Earth to the Moon", you and two adults will be entitled to go to the front of the line. This certficate is dated this ___ day of ___

Signed J. Barbicane
President, the Baltimore Gun Club.

Main Entrance

Space Mountain Lanterns
Close-up of one of those Space Mountain lanterns around the Nautilus Lagoon

Restriction Sign
Cast Member "Aurelie" next to the restriction sign at the entrance.
shot by FeLIX
A partir de ce point l'attente sera de
30 minutes
wait time from this point
votre taille doit au moins atteindre cette ligne.

you must be as tall as this line.

Picture (c) The DLP-Guidebook

SM welcoming sign
at the entrance
shot by FeLIX

SM warning sign
after you passed the first height control. The same sign is located in the loading area behind the control room
shot by FeLIX


Les montagnes russes de Space Mountain vous emmèneront à une allure vertigineuse dans une aventure où vous affecteurez vrilles et loopings à 360.

Pour votre sécurité et votre confort vous devez être en bonne santé et n'être affecté d'aucun trouble cardiaque, vertébral ou autre, ni du mal des transport, susceptible de s'aggraver à l'occasion de cette aventure.

Les futures mamans ne devraient pas monter à bord.


Space Mountain is a high-speed turbulent roller coaster-style adventure that includes a corkscrew loop and a 360 loop.

For safety and comfort you should be in good health and free from heart conditions, motion sickness, back or neck problems or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure.

Expectant mothers should not ride.

[no food] [no smoking] [no flash photography] [no ear rings]

Different high resolution views of the Main Entrance
made by Filip

Main Entrance
Picture (c) The DLP-Guidebook

Detail shot of one of the lantern around the Nautilus lagoon area
Picture (c) The DLP-Guidebook

Attraction Poster
Space Mountain attraction poster left of the Main Entrance

Exactly the same poster is hanging e.g. under the station in Main Street USA. Notice the different colours in comparison to the large poster hanging at the mountain itself (see Space Mountain - The Building)

Close-up of this little orbiting moon train above the main entrance

Close-up of one of these two golden cannons above the main entrance + bird

shot by FeLIX

Entrance at night
Notice the missing moon with its orbiting train!

Queuing outside

Tree Memories
These trees in Le Jardin now have been removed for FastPass
photo by Nicolas

Wait time >> 60min ...
Picture (c) The DLP-Guidebook


Estimating waiting time
Here is a good trick for all those people who would like to estimate their waiting time before entering SpaceMountain for a second, third, and any further time: when the train arrives in the braking area (you will feel and hear that for sure,it is the first area that is lit when you "returned to earth" and has some cool flashing energy converters) make sure to look to your right: You will have the opportunity to see the waiting queue area. If you see some people standing there, it'll take you not more than 20mins until you can reboard. If the whole area is crowded then be prepared for a nasty long waiting line well above 20mins. If this area is empty, than you will have to wait 10mins at max. Should they be using both platforms for unloading and loading trains these times may be somewhat shorter.
There is another time factor to be considered: When fewer people are expected, then you will be able to step down to the platform directly from the waiting corridor. More people will make the waiting line extend for about another 5 minutes (simply add to the abovetimes!), as you will be directed around the whole loading area on the first level before going down to the platform. Some people claim that these 5 minutes cannot be added, as you are already hearing the SpaceMountain train's soundtrack when trains arrrive and depart...
And, of course, when you are in the waiting line, make sure to watch that braking area, as you are able to view the arriving trains from there, as well. Not long, as they are still going fast and the braking does not take long. but watch the people in the train and then imagine how you will look like in this situation. This will make you laugh, I guess. And will shorten your waiting time, as well...
p.s.: Managed to ride SpaceMountain 10times in succession during the period of two hours...i can tell you, the moon is not always awake... ;-)
REPORTED: Roland Young on the DLP mailing list, 4 Feb 1998

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