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The Green Room

Did you ever notice?
Have you ever noticed all these letters and numbers on the ceiling of the green room? Here is a complete list with some possibilities of their meaning.
thanks to Nicolas for the list!
Starry Sky
with Star named TD 748. TD = Tim Delaney?
by Nicolas

Celestial Chandelier
it's reminiscent of the Orbitron
by Nicolas

Did you ever notice?
Speaking of the Space Mountain queue, did you ever notice that on the (big) screws of the lamps in the rooms there are letters: N, S, E and W. Have a closer look at it! All screws are pointing in the same direction, they are obviously points of the compass ...
Reported by Sebastian Schneider, 24 Jan 2000

Drawing of the cannon
on the right wall

Reproduction of cannon-drawing in the green room
High resolution picture! Note that not all measures in this picture are correct! The 7.2m part is in real 7.5m long, also the 5.2m segment is 5.5m in reality
made by FeLIX

Wall painting
in the green room on the left wall

Discoveryland trashcan
These trashcans can also be found at different places in the Space Mountain queue ("Electro de velocitor", Green Room, Loading Area)
made by FeLIX


Wall Inscriptions
All the text on the walls (taken from the 2nd and 26th Chapter of Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon"):


right side

“Rien ne saurait donner une idée
  de la détonation épouvantable de la Columbiad
  ni les éclats de la foudre,
  ni le fracas des éruptions!”

“No words could convey the sound
  of the Columbiad firing...
  like the roar of thunder
  or the blast of volcanic explosions!”

straight forward

“La force de resistance des canons et la
  force explosive de la poudre sont illimitées.
  Serait-il possible d’envoyer un boulet dans la Lune?”

“The power of Cannon and the force
  of gunpowder are potentially unlimited.
  Might it be possible to project a shot up to the moon?”

above door


"Ad Luna In Flamma Gloria" is Latin and means "To the moon in a blaze of glory" ("Vers la Lune, dans un flamboiement de gloire").
Reported by FeLIX

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