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Space Mountain Fan Projects

Here's an overview of all Space Mountain-related multimedia pieces made by FeLIX and other fans.
Feel free to contribute own creations!
If you are interested in details of one project or want to help to improve a project, don't hesitate and contact me!

Pictures & Drawings

High-resolution reproduction of the planets on left wall in the green room of the queue.
made by FeLIX

High-resolution reproduction of this famous cannon drawing in the green room of the queue
made by FeLIX

Space Collage
Have a look at this collage made of several typical Space Mountain pictures.

Reproduction of the safety sticker inside the trains
made by FeLIX

3D Renderings

3D Electro de Velocitor
First try ...
made by FeLIX

3D Discoverland Trashcan
Software: POVray
Project homepage
made by FeLIX

3D model of the cannon
Software: POVray
Project homepage
made by FeLIX

3D Star Way
Software: POVray
Project homepage
made by FeLIX

3D Space Mountain
Software: 3DS
Project homepage
made by FeLIX

3D Tracks
Software: 3DSmax / Imagine
made by Francesco Fabris


Electro de Velocitor
This Flash animation shows the Electro de Velocitor in action, with lots of sparks and even sound!
cn_velocitor.swf [167kB]
made by Captain Nemo

Animation showing the cannon shooting and all the flash lights along the cannon.
nc_cannon.avi [688kB]
made by Nicolas

on Space Mountain's roof made by a gobo-scanner
fx_gobo.mpg [197kB]
made by FeLIX

WARNING-Logo of the safety video
fx_warn.mpg [202kB]
made by FeLIX


Ad Luna In Ictus Gloriosus
Listen to this unique dance version of the Space Mountain ride soundtrack!
dgr_smdance.mp3 [2:06 1.9MB]
(c) DGR & the Baltimore Dance Club

The Spacey Space Mountain Mix
Very cool remix of the Space Mountain ride soundtrack!
Spacig.mp3 [1:16 1.9MB]


Space Mountain Screen Saver
Check out this wonderful Windows screen saver application showing the Space Mountain safety video: rn_screensaver.exe [1558kB]. An Apple Macintosh version is available by request!

Space Mountain Tattoo
Colin M. has a tattoo done on his forearm showing the archer of the cannon, and the text "De La Terre A La Lune" inscribed on it. He had this done in September 1999 after considerring it for about a year.
made by Colin M.

Space Mountain Font
Here is my own creation of the Space Mountain font used on all the signs.
spacemnt.ttf [36kB]
made by FeLIX

WinAMP Skin
Here is the first Space Mountain themed skin for the WinAMP MP3 player.
mg_spacemountain.wsz [161kB]
made by Mathias Gmür

WinAMP Skin
Here is another Space Mountain themed skin for the WinAMP MP3 player.
mg_cannon.wsz [153kB]
made by Mathias Gmür

Columbiad Cannon LEGO Model
This Columbiad Cannon is made of Lego bricks.
made by Geru

Mobile Phone Operator Logos

Here's a small collection of "operator logos" you can use for your Nokia mobile phone.
For installing these logos, you probably need some suitable software like Nokia Logo Manager ...
Click pictures with right mouse button and select "Save as ..." to download.

Space Mountain
made by FeLIX

made by FeLIX

Space Mountain

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