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Inside DLP

This 45 minute report was broadcast on Travel Channel, 18. Mar 2001. A large part also dealt with Space Mountain and revealed some secrets. [More]

Shoot for the Moon

Have a look at this extra page for a lot of information around the documentary "Shoot for the Moon" about the conception and construction of Space Mountain! [More]

A journey of ninety-seven hours and twenty minutes

Read this fabulous summary of Space Mountain's history, construction and operation written by Guillaume Richaud: A journey of ninety-seven hours and twenty minutes. [More]

Alan Taff interviews Tim Delaney

Read an interesting interview with imagineer Tim Delaney. [More]

The Story of Euro Disneyland

Read an excerpt of the book "Once Upon an American Dream - The Story of Euro Disneyland" by Andrew Lainsbury about Space Mountain. [More]

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