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August 2005

Finally: Updates!

After a long time of no updates, finally the site will come uptodate again. One of the reasons is that I wanted to have experienced Mission 2 for myself before adding anything related. Having just returned from DLRP the show can now go on!

Reported by FeLIX, 6.8.2005

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December 2004

Content updates

August 2004

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July 2004

Space Mountain Site Restructuring

The whole Space Mountain website has been restructured. As already mentioned on January 1st, nearly all pages have been moved. It should be easier now to navigate through the site, also with the help of the location bar, where you can easily jump to higher level pages. For some pages there are now direct links, where in the past only hidden references in the news section existed. Feel free to discover!

Reported by FeLIX, 3.7.2004

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March 2004

Space Mountain Site Online again!
The Space Mountain site is now hosted on a new server and all DNS name resolution finally also works as expected. We apologize for any incoveniences!
Reported by FeLIX, 17.3.2004


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February 2004

Space Mountain Site Offline
Due to probably technical problems of our web space provider dlpfan.org the Space Mountain pages are currently not reachable. Please re-check the start page for updates and make sure you are bookmarking this site to www.discoverymountain.de and not spacemountain.dlpfan.org!
Reported by FeLIX, 26.2.2004


Content updates

January 2004

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year and all the best for 2004! Be prepared for interesting Space Mountain News and site updates. I'm currently working on a major site design and structure update. Prepare for blast-off ...
Reported by FeLIX, 1.1.2004

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