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Mickey and Minnie on the way to the moon
Mickey and Minnie are out to garner a new world record: being the two characters who rode the Space Mountain the most time consecutive! After the last row in one of the Space Mountain trains had already been closed during the summer, now apparently these two seats have been taken out of use in all trains! While on some trains the seats have been closed off with ropes, at least on two trains large plushs of Mickey and Minnie have been placed in the seats. According to the information a CM working in the loading-station of Space Mountain gave the guests, the use of the last row on board of all trains has been, at least temporarily, prohibited due to security reasons.
REPORTED: Michael at The DLP-Guidebook on 29. Sep 2000


Kiosk behind Space Mountain
In the shadow of the gigantic Space Mountain opposite of the queuing-area of Honey I Shrunk the Audience a new stationery FastFood-kiosk has been opened up to serve drinks and snacks to the guest waiting in line for HISTA or just wandering by ... but it is a totally wrong rumor the pilot of the X-Wing did only stop for a small soft-drink...
REPORTED: DLP-Guidebook-Team on 24 Jul 2000

Building activity behind Space Mountain
Last time when I was at DLP, I saw one little cabin being built, just nearby of the SM building (front of HISTA entrance). It's an SM look style building (SM screws, SM paint, etc). And I put my eyes behind the "This area is refurbished for your future enjoyment". Inside this cabin, I saw one sink, so I guess they will sale food inside it.
REPORTED: Nicolas on 21. Jun 2000




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